'Realistic' guessing game - Which heroes will be featured in the next Soul Exchange?

Definitely featured. Question is how soon… all dem minions abounding lol

I think the ninja portal is a perfect place to add one of their heroes to the Soul Exchange. Many of the new challenge events have heroes that are incredibly strong. But strength comes in numbers, having MORE of the same origin of heroes.

For example using the idea above: Add an average Ninja hero like Mica and you have some players trade for him. Now when the next Ninja tower comes they’ll really want another ninja to pair with Mica for the dodge and counterattack family bonus. Put a good carrot out there and the rabbits (us) will crave more.

Who said there will be another soul exchange? :open_mouth:

The devs have confirmed it.


Any chance of having Penolite in SE please? :crossed_fingers: :partly_sunny:



lol… :stuck_out_tongue:


Put Lepiota at 20!!!


Maybe one day, but theres still plenty of sub-tier S4 heroes left, Lepiota is too good to be there yet

And when she’s there she’ll be outdated :disappointed:


Skadi is too good and she was still there


Garjammal too. She was a fast S4 that was put there. There’s going to be another useful S4 in SE. Why not Lepiota? Plus SG seems to like Sorcerer

I don’t have Skadi so I don’t rate her very high, she is good but she’s older than Lep.

It’s just my guess, I don’t feel like they are gonna put Lepiota there this time, to me Captain Nemo sounds more obvious choice. What I’ve read about Garjammal many people have said she’s just a worse Lianna and some people like her. Just as Captain Nemo, I’ve heard he’s the worst hero of the game and some people like him, sounds like a perfect fit for SE. About Lepiota I haven’t heard any complains.

And I put Lord Loki there of S3 heroes, I believe he is as much desired hero as Skadi is.

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I agree with that 100%. I have Garjammel and C-Liana and I probably use them both equally.

I have a lot of fun reading these predictions. Congratz!

They should give something to those who get more predictions right. Maybe a forum title like Empires Prophet or something like it

What do you think? haha


When is this announced anyway?

If the criteria is terrible on D but ideal on Offense, there’s no better hero that fits that bill than Lepiota. She will literally fit on anyone’s roster, unless you already have 6 copies of her.

Thank you, happy to hear that!

Hahah that sounds cool :smiley:

This is just a player made topic, none of these lists is announced/confirmed. We are just guessing for fun. And I dont know when they will officially announce the heroes in the next Soul Exchange, if they will

Here’s my guess. Mitsuko is a better match with Ursena. Guinevere a better match with GM. Kingston with Garjammal, Quintus to Horgall, among others.

Hero count to choose Hero 1 Hero 2 Hero 3 Hero 4 Hero 5
10 Margaret Aegir Musashi Noor Captain Sargasso
15 Gregorion Raffaele Norns Mitsuko Quintus costume
20 Kingston Snow White Guinevere Tyr Lepiota

Very good choices there, it would be pretty tough choice for me between Lepiota and Mitsuko, somehow I’ve always wanted to have Mitsu and I have plenty of rings, tabards I’ve completely ran out of.

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