Raise your cup – Any Raid Arena higher than Diamond?

I was wondering if anyone knew if there is any level higher than diamond in cups or if you heard of them making a higher threshold of Cups than diamond?

No, Diamond is the highest. But I have seen some posts here and there from players suggesting to add another level.


K thanks appreciate it

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There was a thread on another part of the forum which ask for a new higher than diamond rank. Some said let it be Ruby … Deves and Staff really didn’t pick a mind about it yet.
I think the founder of that Idea was our friend @Fantastic .


Thank you @Jedon! I thought I saw that, but couldn’t remember where. With players reaching higher levels and stronger teams, after 2 years it may be time to consider a higher tier raid arena.


Just adding a link to a related idea:

I haven’t been able to find this thread, but I thought I remembered something similar too. I looked through all of the threads @Fantastic has created, and tried searching for Ruby.


I think it was in APL my friend.

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Found it. It was Sapphire, not Ruby, and it was started by @General_Confusion.

This link will work for people with access to APL: https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/sapphire-raid-level/63447