Quit, Coast or Commit?

So … I am an “OK” kinda player - been playing for 2 years and have a reasonable roster, but not many shiny new heroes as not spending much now.

I’ve been through all the usual game transitions from starting playing rainbow, to progressing to doing well with 3:2 and then flirting with mono.

Lately I have become very “lazy” and have tended to use exclusively mono, and have stopped thinking so much about crafting the very best teams for each situation. This is probably because I’m a bit tired, and also my old brain can’t always remember and compute what might be best… but I still do love my alliance and am sort of the “de facto” leader.

Now, my alliance has some super intelligent and thoughtful players … not least the amazing @Mr.Spock who is an inspiration … and he really exemplifies how things should be done. No lazy mono raiding/waring for him! And a couple of our more recent recruits are clearly smart, thoughtful players too, attracted to us by watching Spock’s YouTube videos.

So quick poll. Should I:

  • Quit - I’m way too lazy and jaded … I don’t deserve to be playing if I can’t really be bothered to think and stretch myself anymore!
  • Coast - just coast along with my lazy mono ways. I’m not doing my alliance too much harm really am I?
  • Commit - get a grip and re-commit to doing things properly. Get my old brain in gear, start thinking about some decent 3:2 teams and try to be more like Spock!

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@IvyTheTerrible … you know I would really value your view as always :wink:


Talk to you alliance and let them know how you are feeling. Let then tell you what they want. As long as you are opting out of war and still hitting titans I don’t think you are hurting your alliance.


I take issue with your phrase ‘I don’t deserve to be playing’ :slightly_smiling_face:

You don’t have to earn it :hugs:

I think the game is most fun when you’re engaged with fellow players and motivated to make progress (whatever that may be!)

So I’d suggest quitting temporarily, and see how you feel, or giving it a bit more gusto and seeing if you feel motivated.

I recently went on a tour of lots of alliances and can really recommend this as a way of getting your va-va-voom back.

You can enjoy meeting new people around the world and trying new things - different war strategy and different titan sizes.

I’m sure any alliance that includes the sagacious @Mr.Spock would be magnanimous enough to let you go on holiday for a while.


Try to have some serious competitive fun that doesn’t harm your alliance. Make weird raids and serious wars. Reserve more time for your real life. You’re going to waist some we? So what.


I vote Quit since playing mono means you’re lazy… :roll_eyes:



The correct answer is quit or commit. If you choose to coast do you alliance a favor and find a relaxed one.


I can’t tell from your post whether you’re not having fun with the style you’re playing, you feel guilt that this style is negatively impacting your alliance, some combination of the two, or something else entirely.

I know lots of people who play exclusively mono. They seem to be having fun with it. If playing at this sort-of-casual level is not fun for you, then I suggest you quit, or take other advice above for finding joy in the game again.

If you’re having fun, but the issue is you feel you’re underperforming you’re alliance’s expectations, only your alliance mates can answer that. If you’re having fun with your play style but hurting your alliance, a less-serious alliance may be the answer.



Continue playing choose you sytle of game play depending on who you facing. Iv been playing mono as at certain teams in raids are to high for me my rosta. Now kinda do it in war same suituation. I don’t think mono is lazy it makes you think more about the board, then doing say a 2-2- which I use on my mini

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According to @Dator you can’t win with mono. Have you tried using the autoselect team?


If you like the game, continue playing it. If you don’t, stop playing it.

A game should be fun.


Coast: After a while you will go to quit or commit.


As one who has just returned from an alliance vacation, I had lots of fun facing different coloured tanks. Was a revelation alliances do still use non-green tanks. I met some awesome people too.

For me, absence made my heart grow fonder, and the missed titan and war flags, were tough, as this didn’t happen in my home alliance. This happened in every alliance I visited :cry:

Mostly, I missed the commitment and comradearie of every player doing their bit, and of course the original cast I started playing the game with. Its the people who keep you in the alliance you are in - there are tens of thousands to choose from.

Good luck with your decision making. IMHO - The fact you posted your question on the forum, tells me you’re not ready to quit your home alliance :heavy_heart_exclamation:. But perhaps a vacation, might help to clarify your thoughts on this issue :hugs:


If you enjoy the game, commit, if you’re not enjoying it, ask why, and see if that can be corrected. If it can’t move on:)

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I voted for coast, but only because my personal alliance is semi-casual, and our basic ideology is that the game shouldn’t be a full time job anyway.

If, however, the rest of your team is more devoted than you are, then at the very least, you should probably step down as leader. Not necessarily quit the game or the alliance, but a leader has to share the same goals and visions as the rest of the team, or else it doesn’t work.


I also voted coast. But I think the best option is what several people have suggested by various names…
Take an in-game short break, either by visiting various alliances (@JonahTheBard) or join a vacation alliance for a short break (@Sarah2) . That will also help you decide if you want to let some aspects of the game go a bit, or participate in everything.

I have been in the game over 3 years now and certainly am now taking a slightly more laid back approach (and doing more of the fun stuff on the forum)
All the best


I didn’t vote, as I don’t have enough information to do so with an informed opinion.

Why do you play E&P?

Do you play to compete, and have recently lost that drive? In this case it depends on your alliance and how demanding they are. If you commit and don’t regain the drive/spark/whatever you will be more miserable and quit. If you coast you may need to find a new alliance to do so in.

Do you play for fun? Is it still? If not, quit. If so, and your alliance is cool with it, coast. If they’re not, find a new home and coast there. Or make your own one-man alliance.

Do you now play because you feel you have to? That is time to quit. It’s not fun then at all. And even playing competitively you should still enjoy it.

Maybe stepping away for a period and then returning afresh is the way to go.


A massive thank-you to everyone who took the trouble to vote and comment. Means a lot.

The general consensus seems to be to stay in the game in some capacity - with about 30% saying to quit (you Crew-Saders are a tough bunch though with @Rigs, @ChelleATC and @mr_style_points all wanting rid of me! And @math4lyfe always seems so nice!)

I do still enjoy playing - most days. Generally hit 150 to 200K on most 10/11* star titans that we face. 4th highest scorer in our team in today’s war (mainly mono) with 250 points (only a few behind @Mr.Spock!) so as I said in the “coast” option, I’m not doing too much harm to my alliance. I just know I could probably do better if I really applied myself! My alliance mates all know about my in-game existential crisis and everyone who has commented in the in-game chat wants me to stay. So @TEss_01 - from my alliance mates’ comments, I don’t feel feel I’m underperforming my alliance’s expectations - just my own high expectations of myself!

I used to love war and now I find it kinda stressful - our alliance global rank is currently showing as 1288 - so of course its going to be tough. War attacks are so unforgiving … at least with raids you get 3 chances!

A few weeks ago we did start our own “chill” alliance (only has 3 members at the moment) so I do have a place to go and hide if I need a proper break.

@JonahTheBard and @Sarah2’s idea of taking a break and going on a brief tour of other alliances is fascinating. I’m sure it could be fun and I’m absolutely sure it would reinforce what a superb alliance I’m already in. The grass is very rarely greener!

Its also interesting that a few of you do NOT view playing mono as lazy … but I do think from my own successful 3:2 days that playing 3:2 is almost certainly more skilful and ultimately rewarding.

@nevarmaor - I think I covered your points above - but thanks for the very thoughtful reply.

I’m definitely going to stay playing in some capacity as I do still enjoy it… I just need to get my head around quite how yet. May as well stay put until the war chest is full … and then decision time will loom.

Wish me luck … and once again thank-you for all your generous replies. It seems many of us have these little “wobbles” at around the two year mark!


Good luck. Glad to hear you will be staying in some capacity, and it does sound like you are in a great supporting alliance. Let them help you to find your place in the game.


Here’s the recruitment thread I used, if it’s of any help for ideas.

I’m sure you’ll get plenty of offers, I you go touring, I think I did around 10 alliances.

All the best dude.


Glad to hear you’re sticking around for a bit longer.

Find your groove and always have fun.