🌑 Portal Stats & Summon Results – Lunar New Year 2023

thx for noticing.
I’m aware but I need a screenshot with passive text open, I couldn’t find.
If you provide me I will update.

I also didn’t include the hotms with the minion summoning elemental link; Uraeus, Bertila, Reuben, Glenda, Zulag.

Bertila and Uraeus also have passives triggered upon minion death, like the masquerades.

I removed the duplicate Waterpipe :sweat_smile:

I don’t have silvaria, but I know she has her superior minion passive

Aged heroes, by now. But still in use for some.

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I used 3 EHTs trying to get R&N. Didn’t got the hotm, but this hero showed up


thx, I updated Silvaria. Frosth already exists but I have skipped uploading Noor, even though I have prepared her card. I also added her.

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I would try some EHT for the new HOTM but this hero showed up in the second try

So I won’t ■■■■ on my luck and stop for now. I will try again in the season of love… lol

I hope that the nerf don’t come before I can level him