Please Introduce A Confirmation Button for Limit Breaks

As limit breaks are so scarce and you cannot reset them unlike emblems once used, it would be very helpful to introduce a confirmation button for limit breaks, especially for a 5* hero. This would be similar to the pop-up warning when you try and feed away a 5* hero. Although I have not been affected (yet) I know of a couple of people who have accidentally Limit Broken the wrong hero as they wanted to emblem the hero instead. This feature will hopefully prevent further heartache for players.

I am one of those blessed people lol

Crazy that we have to resort to the forums to get this introduced and not done by default like they have for feeding higher rarity heroes. Insult to injury is that when I had reached out to support, they said that there is in fact a warning confirmation which I accepted lol

I would just like just like to second this idea. I accidentally Limit Broke Xnolphod while putting emblems on him. Going back and forth to get food and iron to increase his emblems I accidentally clicked the wrong button. If there was a warning screen similar to when using a 5* hero to level another, this wouldn’t have happened.

I was planning to Limit break my Alfrike, but I guess a decision was made!

Please consider this change.Thank you

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