Peace Warriors - 1 spot available

Peace Warriors is currently looking for one new member.


TP - 3800+
Trophies 2200+
AW - at least 4 fully ascended bench teams

Currently defeating 11* titans as well as battling against top 20 teams in war.

We have players that are constantly ranked in the top 100 as we are starting to break into the top 100 alliances.

Friendly, open, and highly competitive group of people looking to develop and grow with players who are ready to take their game to the next level.

Please message me here or on line - “prime” if you’re interested!

Best of luck to all.

Unfortunately one member will be retiring from the game. Haven’t had an opening in 5 months. Are looking for a long term member to help us crack the top 100. Currently ranked 107

Still an open position. We are an ideal alliance for those who have outgrown their current alliance and want to be surrounded by active members and leadership, as well as those who might be looking to “retire” from a top tier alliance.

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