Peace Warriors - 2 openings - 150k Alliance - 11*

Are you a 3700+ teampower player with 2,000+ cups looking for an alliance that is active, competitive, plays to win, yet casual enough to realize that real life exists? Well…

When full, we fight 10*'s and are starting to bump up to 11*'s. Even with 28 members we easily take 9*'s, and can handle a few 10*'s before bumping down. Just today we took out our 4th rare titan, a 10*, short handed.

A side note - we dont believe in letting rare titans escape. We politely explain that rule to the titan, then proceed to kill it. We like to win :slight_smile:

Titan and AW hits are expected, but give a heads up that life may need to get in the way for a bit, and we’ll wish you luck and hit even harder in your absence. It doesn’t matter if that’s for a day, a week, or even longer. Loyalty to our members trumps getting to the top at all cost.

Alliance Wars - We play to win. We like to win. We fight strategically, we work to maximize points, but with the realization that members need flexibility to hit when they’re able. Leadership provides the gameplan for each AW, encourages communication, but doesn’t micromanage. Fight smart, stay within the game plan, but other than that get your hits in when it works for you. If you see room to improve our approach, speak up.

We have a range of players from 3400 TP to 4100+ TP. Our top hitters could carry their weight in any alliance, but take pride in growing the alliance as a group, providing guidance and suggestions to less experienced members. Our expectations for lower TP members (and higher TP) is they stay active, keep growing as ascension mats allow, and realize they are appreciated and needed regardless of titan damage or AW scores. They are never made to feel like they’re not carrying their weight simply because they’re not scoring as much as others. We take just as much delight when a member gets that long awaited 5* hero, or final ascension item, or new titan score milestone, than we do for whoever happens to be at the top of the rankings.

Because we fight 9*'s and 10*'s, we are looking for a member with a team of 3400+ TP. Constant one shot titan kills isn’t fun for anyone, hence that requirement. Cups are less important to us. Some take up that challenge and look to maximize their cups, while others view it more as a way to get another chest. Casually competitve.

We have an active leadership, an important ingredient for any alliance to remain healthy for a the long term. Some members are very active in chat, others not so much. We are a home for a range of players, as long as they’re active, growing, and can tolerate some of the groaners in chat.

Our goal is to be a consistent top 100 alliance, and right now we are knocking on that door. When full, we fluctuate between 100 and 150, with spurts into the top 100. If you’re looking for an established top 100 alliance to join, that’s not us. If you’re looking to be part of the reason an alliance became a top 100 alliance, to take pride in the journey, that’s us.

We use Line, encourage Line, but don’t require its use. Personally I believe it adds another enjoyable dimension to the game, but not everyone wants to go there. That’s fine. Casually competitve.

If you’re interested, just let us know. If you want to try us our for a while to make sure we’re the right fit, that’s fine too.

And finally, we are an English speaking alliance. Roughly 2/3’s are in the U.S, with the rest mostly concentrated in Europe. One in Brazil, one in Australia. So a fairly global alliance, which can lead to humerous conversations (“what does it mean to live out in the sticks?”).


Line? Or can you explain here how your AW gameplan looks exactly? :wink:

Everything else looks really nice :+1: I’m just picky about war approach :smile:

I’d be happy to elaborate, but prefer Line. Is your name the same there?

But I’ll provide some insight here. The obvious, at least to us, is total alliance score, not individual score. Our self challenge is how to maximize total AW points given our alliance composition, time zones, and enemy defense strategy / TP range.

Whether we win or not usually corrolates to how well our lower TP members scored. And their score is a reflection of how well our top half did in setting up the right opportunities for those with weaker bench teams. We try to attack upwards, not downwards. If we get the wipe, great. If not, we’ve left a good cleanup opportunity for someone who may not have as many options to score points through brute force. Our heavy hitters go for their heavy hitters and not for the “sure thing.”

We continue to tweak our strategy. We have experimented with same color centers, which remains unclear if it’s an advantage to us at this time as some members are still limited in their options (i.e. how much weaker are we causing our collective defense to be compared to the advantage of reducing stacking opportunities in later rounds).

We continue to assess first half resets versus second half resets versus rolling resets. And when the occasion arises, a second reset. We’ve done them all, but now generally go for a first round reset. That’s building consistency and familiarity as we refine our timing on subsequent kills and work to improve the overall understanding of those members who like the game, but arent the die hards that others are. We have improved our scores from the 4k’s into the 5k’s. We want to figure out what works best for us to get 6k scores consistently. We will, and it’s a fun challenge, it we’re not there yet.

We analyze the opponent, decide how how high up in TP we want to target (usually 3,900 TP or so), and make that clear before hand. Then go for tmas many four 4 kills as our game time allows. But we make sure everyone knows that using their flags is of the upmost importance, and their availability might not match up with good opportunities. We would rather them scratch out a few points than have unused flags. We have won and lost by a few points, which highlights you never know when those few points will make the difference.

We keep track of AW individual stats, not to single our individuals, but to figure our which strategy works best overall for us. For example, this AW we used fewer flags in the first half than usual. Was that due to the start time, members becoming more patient in waiting for good hits, or something else? Does it indicate we should we go back to second half resets? Just more puzzles of the game and our alliance.

Yes, we like loot. But that’s not why we play to win AW. It’s the challenge. The teamwork. But yeah, more loot is always better than less.

Some members will ask for direct guidance on who they should attack, while others go about AW silently. As long as its within the game plan, it works for us. If for some reason someone needs to go outside the gameplan (usually due to RL and timing constraints), that’s not an issue as long as they’re communicating about it.

There’s a lot of good advice our there on these forums, but that’s only the starting point. The hard part is figuring our what works best for an alliance that’s global, has a decent, but reasonable range of TP, communicates strategy that may need to bectweaked on the fly, but doesn’t micromanage players. We want it to be fun for those that throw themselves into AW, but not to alienate those who dont want to spend that much time focused on that part of the game.

Because our alliance has been around for a while, we have a heavy dose of long term members, as well as a decent amount of newer members. To me, that’s an optimal fix as no one is trying to prove themselves, but instead taking pleasure in others accomplishments. And it allows for some friendly ribbing here and there. Our biggest problem us usually members who didnt meet their expectations score-wise, and then feel bad they somehow let the alliance down. Its human nature, but in the end it’s just a game. One we happen to take seriously, but not that seriously.

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@Beezzer no, it’s not the same, and I’m not using it unless I know someone is looking for me there or I look up someone, since I prefer discord (link to my server is in my recruitment topic).

I see that you’ve put a lot of thought into the strategy, I’ve done it as well, I find that part of the game the best one actually. I think there may be a better approach, but since you didn’t describe how it looks exactly (timeline), I can’t be sure. I mean, I can share with you my findings so you can see what you can implement if you see it more efficient.

Btw, single colour tank is good, even if not everyone have maxed ones, because it’s ‘herd protection’, and you just drain out the weaker opponent faster - they need to stack colours. However, I can’t say that it works for alliance with all 3900+ teams, I mean, the part ‘it doesn’t matter if it’s maxed or not’, I don’t have enough data to be able to say something concrete. You have mixed one, but it could be ‘too mixed’.

I asked for more info because it seemed that we want similar things, and I’m so happy to see that there ARE people who are doing it… Thanks for all the clarification. OK, I also wanted to know if that’s good enough reason to shut down my project and join you.

However, I think that 3400 players combined with 4100 players just leads to a lot of disparity on the battlefield - especially for 3400 players - they’re bound to be cleaners, and since this is a game, even if individual scores don’t matter but team score, it still matters somewhat to each person. I mean, if we want to contribute, and even our best team can’t do one shot kills, that’s not fun.

Current wars and matchmaking works best for shorter range.
That’s why I’m trying to find people around 3400 range for my team, I think it’s more fun that way. No luck so far :rofl:

I will keep my eye on you, though, if my project fail completely :rofl:

I agree with your “too mixed” comment when it comes to AW, and to a lesser extent Titans. I’d rather go up against a team where they have strength at the top and bottom compared to us, while we outmatched them with a wide range of middle TP members.

For being close to a top 100 alliance, I think our mix is pretty typical. We have 5 members “stuck” at 4* teams (3450 to 3500), just waiting for 4* AMs. But they’re building 4* bench strength, whi h is key to later success. We have about 6 with full 5* teams, and the rest with varying mixes of 4*'s and 5*'s (3500 to 3900’s).

As our top members are capped out, that range shrinks as time goes by as our lower TP members continue to grow. From what I’ve seen, most guilds with a tighter range than us in the top 100.

Being at 9* and 10* titans is ideal for us atm. It results in all of us, including lower TP members, to get the 3 AM rolls. That’s wasn’t always the case with 8*'s. Quite frankly, I’m happy at the titan level for now as all members can contribute. If we moved up to 11*'s, which we will eventually, a few of our bottom members would be hammered. But this is a game of months, not days or weeks.

On AW strategy, the whole point of strategic resets is timing. We’re very aware of each reset timer and the need for a “hurry up and then wait” appproach. Knowing what needs to be done along the timeline of AW is the easier part of this game. For us, it’s overlapping that timeline with our alliance’s availability and flexibility to maximize points that’s the challenge. We’ll get there as we learn what works best for us. It’s that balance between casual and competitive that we focus on.

Best of luck to you on your goal of creating your ideal alliance. It’s a noble goal, but challenging given the state of the game and different growth rates for members around 3400. We’re always happy to continue the discussion if you or anyone else is interested in us. The offer remains open if you would like to join us to see how we work from the inside.

For current war matching, all you said is true. And yes, titans. It’s just not fun if you want to contribute, and you can’t.

When they implement the war cup system, we’ll have different weak points and strength points.

Oh and btw, you basically don’t need to rush in wars, that’s the whole point (you have to wait, that’s true :smile:). You don’t have to coordinate many people at the same time in that manner. However, all have to be aware ‘how much time we have to achieve this mini goal’. So yes, timer is important, but I’d say, not rush per se.

I wouldn’t say that I’m creating ideal alliance, I just see the need for lower than 3600 players to have field where they can use those strategies and see how much fun is it when you’re not the weakest.

Thanks, I’ll keep watching you, thanks for sharing, and good luck with finding strong players who share your view :slight_smile:

Still two openings. See above for more information.

Both spots filled.

20 characters.

One spot has opened up. Teampower requirement increased to 3,700+, which reflects our continued growth. We remain very active with everyone expected to get in their titan hits, as well as their AW hits in accordance with our overall attack plan. But as always, real life trumps. Just give us a heads up, and no worries about missing your hits.

As a quick update, we’ve started to move into double reset territory in AW. Our strategy keeps evolving, with the goal always being to increase our AW score in a way that works best for our world-wide membership. Roughly 2/3 are U S. based, with 1/3 in Europe and a few others in Australia, brazil and south africa.

10* titans are becoming sustainable, with increasing bumps up to 11*'s. We continue the journey to being permanently in the top 100, with frequent trips into the top 100. If you want to be part of a team working together to get there with great members and active leaders who set clear expectations and goals, please check us out.

Still have one open position. We just killed another rare titan, remaining perfect on those.

Lots of info about us above, so I won’t rehash that here. If you’re looking for an active alliance with an engaged leadership group, please check us out.

And now two spots open. You’re welcomed to come solo or bring a date…

Both positions filled.

We now have one opening.

We enjoy the competitiveness of AW, going 6 and 2 over our last 8 wars. We are usually a bit weaker on paper than our opponent, but our win / loss record speaks to the effectiveness of our strategy. Or that we’re just lucky :grinning:

We generally bounce between alliance rank #80 and #130, with a recent high of #72.

Titans continue to be 10*'s, with bumps up to 11*.

We are an English speaking alliance, with about equal weight in the U.S. and Europe, plus a few members elsewhere.

A team power of 3,700 is required, as well as a desire to be in an alliance where everyone is active. But when RL gets in the way, all we ask is you let us know.

Just took out an 11* with 29. If you’re looking for an active alliance that strategizes for AW’s and is battling 10*'s and 11*'s, you’re welcomed to come check us out.

One opening. Looking to step up (or down) to 10* and 11* titans? Looking to join an alliance that has 6 wins out of the last 8 AWs? Come check us out?

2 openings. Chewing through 11* titans and starting to tiptoe into 12*'s.

Looking for players with 4k+TP teams, but open to accepting a bit lower than that if you’re avtive and looking for an alliance that is more than happy to give advice on developing.

We expect members to be active, but are understanding when RL gets in the way. We are a stabile alliance with average time in the alliance at over a year.

Line required (beezzerpw).

Looking to join. Very active. 3500+ team averaging 2000 cups. Thanks

@Jeffa6980 Thank you for your interest. Let’s connect on line. You’re a bit below our requirements, but if it’s a good fit we’re open to it. Like I said above, we take pride in being an alliance where members can grow and develop. At the same time, we don’t want it to be a frustrating experience if a candidate’s not quite ready.

I’m beezzerpw on line.

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