Pay 2 Win. Is it worth it? I think ... maybe

lol i moved it to general then got to ur post and put it back sorry

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Absolutely. :+1:
I myself used to play this game quite intensively, had great fun raiding with the best (oh, we had a ball!), had a great time in several very nice alliances with very nice people - then got tired of the grind, and when the emblems were introduced (grind more, spend more, just to preserve the value of what you already have), I quit. Quit on that very day.

It is like a vacation: You spend the money, you have a great time, and then the money is gone, the vacation is over, and you have some nice memories.

Fond greetings to those who used to enjoy my German beer :beer::hugs:

( I used to place that in my keep as a refreshment for the opponents whom I had beaten in a raid. And they gladly came by and drank it :grin: )


Hope you’re keeping well @AnjaValkyrie :upside_down_face:


Lol it should be renamed the traveling thread. I think it was originally in recruitment or bugs when I first found it.

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