Pay 2 Win. Is it worth it? I think ... maybe

Ok an employee of mine turned me on to this game a few months ago. He had been playing avidly for a year and a half. I got hooked and tried to “keep it true” for about 3 months. After that I started spending a little money: next thing I know I spent a 1/2 grand in a month so I got serious about it and did some research. Until that time I ever heard of the two terms “free to play” and “pay to win”. It was a irritating at first but after I realized the hours I spent looking and waiting at my screen, it became evident. It’s a choice right? Stay “pure” and happy farming and dying for ever. Or… Buy your way into more action and victory. Time is money for me so I am going PTW.

My question to you other PTWs is. How much are we spending weekly/monthly to stay in the top 10%?

I have the resources but in the end it’s a pocket game. One that I can’t put down

Any guidance…


Sorry… I am new here. Where would it go?

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I’m a P2W player. But at a lower level than you’ve stated. I hit the top 100 somewhat regularly but probably not in the top 10%.

I enjoy the game and have the heros to finish all the events. In the last year I’ve probably spent 1k$. The F2P grind was not fun in the beginning. But now I can comfortably go C2P and stay competitive and engaged.

Is it worth it? No. Is any entertainment worth it?

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I spend a bit. Not a lot. I take into account the items that will be received and how badly I need them. Some months I spent more, some less. I’d rather not add up all that I have spent.


I can definately give you advice if you want. There is a misconception that p2w spends at all cost to get what they want ( I’m sure there’s a few but I’ll talk about the majority). If your going to spend go for the deals that offer the 5* mats ( scopes, rings, tombs etc.).That is the important stuff that’ll allow you to advance fastest. The “heroes”- HOTM are something you’ll easily get if you do “pulls”. When you first start you won’t have a lot of the 5* heroes from Atlantis, Halloween, Avalon etc. So honestly pick a number your comfortable with and pull and stop… you’ll end up doing this 4-5 months and have plenty of heroes- then see above advice about scopes, rings etc. It’s not that people spend it’s just do it wisely ( don’t do 150 pulls trying to get 1 specific Hero). Be patient anyone who is at the top has been playing over a year… so p2w but do it over a time frame. I’ve been playing since January probably spend $250/ month on average ( half of that probably unwisely/lazy/impatient). But, I have enough heroes now so my spending has dropped lately ( probably buy the rings deal from Halloween with the 10k gems that’ll come out in a few days just to pull for troops and Rabbit). Spending money Isn’t the issue if you have it- my advice is spend it wisely… if say x amount is no big deal … just do x amount consistently over 6 months and avoid the 3x going for anything specific and honestly you’ll be fighting in a top 100 guild within six months easily


This is not strictly true. Although not completely “pure” I am as good as F2P and I don’t keep “dying for ever”. It took me many months, but for me that was part of the enjoyment of the game. If I’d “fast-paced” my way through I’d probably not be playing any more as I’d be bored (and likely too poor to afford a phone :rofl:).


What i spend is worth it To Me

I spend roughly 100 bucks a month. Sometimes more. Went overboard 4 times in 2 yrs, but it was affordable each time.

But what “amount” someone spends is irrelevant to the discussion in my opinion

It’s more about how much the game is worth to you. Don’t spend more than you’re willing to throw away. Simple as that.

It’s not a hobby that gives you a materialistic return. It’s more like goin to the movies or the local bar or the casino.

“A couple weeks ago i went to the movies”

“I used to go to that bar”

“Oh yea i used to play that game, had fun while it lasted”

Game is nothin more than a pass time and memories

Some have spent on this game with the dillusion of getting a “financial return”, one even thought he would be employed by the developers to play the game and get paid by them, dont be one of the fools…

It’s a movie/bar/casino budget game that you choose over those things if you enjoy it more than those.

Money spent on the game is only worth as much as you think it is. It’s day to day, hours and hours of entertainment for me so i don’t regret a single dollar spent. Others may feel different, it may be something they play to pass time due to not being able to afford to do the other activities i mentioned. Or they just feel the game is more entertaining and more rewarding when they have to be challenged more to accomplish some of the things p2w accomplish, and even if they spent a little bit, it would only lead to more spending and then they gotta face the disappointment of not always getting what they want when they do spend.

Summons is the biggest chance. I enjoy it regardless of what i get but i go in with low expectations. If i get a good hero, nice. If i dont, then I’ll just have to work with what i have until next time, no big deal. It’s like getting titan or chest loot. “Nice i can use that” or “not in the cards this time, maybe next time”

Don’t spend indisposable income on pixels.

I’m sure i could keep writing since I’m only half a cup of coffee in, but I’ll leave it at that for now


I get both sides believe me.
1- That fact that it can be a great game for so many means it’s a business, not a charity. I would assume a significant amount of money is spent in R&D to make it so. If it was my company I would do the same.
2-I remember my childhood games and the purely in having an equal playing field that couldn’t be bought (other than the price of the game). I respect that.

Here is my inquisitive view, and I know it doesn’t adhere to all.

I spend money, as we all do, on everything we need and want. That part is simple.

There are obviously two strategies in this discussion and I am not opposed to either.

I am simply stating my preferred strategy as a new comer that seeks feedback from all, but advise from those of similar mindsets.

My question is simple. How much would a PTW player spend regularly to keep up with the others of like mind? I’m not trying to budget, just trying to see if I feel the ROI is adequate.

I love the game but I hate the waiting. I get that it’s the “ baked in psychological science “, but that same science makes the game great.

with the budget i mentioned above, i hang in a top 50 alliance, i have 37 maxed 5s, 50+ 5* I’ll never max, rainbow set of 23 troops and working on my 2nd set of level 23 troops right now. We kill 14* day in, day out, i hit B loot consistently, we face some pretty challenging war teams which have been much more entertaining than when we used to face weaker opponents a year ago. I enjoy every minute of it. And my teammates, even those that have smaller budgets than i do all play a role and do well.

To me, a player can spend $100 a month, not counting vip, and get by fine. That’s a 3 10x pulls a month distributed however u like.(and even 100 bucks a month during the “seasonal quest” offers still gets you the same amount of gems, just pick n choose which mats in which deals mean the most to u and which deals you feel give you the most bang for your buck in gems and mats)

Hopefully that answers your question a little better than my first post which seems way off topic now lol


So what about these 70+ people. Are they plus $1500 a month?

Don’t get me wrong. I am still building a foundation and don’t have the perspective at your length and level that you do.

I’d like to get up into the mid 50s and do exactly what you described. I’ve been in the 30,

That takes time and grinding. You’ll also find that people over level 70 have been playing quite awhile.

It would take calculating xp per level + preferred farm stage + amount of time you’re willing to spend per day to figure out how much “money” it would cost to reach the level of the next guy in less time than they did

I’m level 73 and started playing in september of 2017. Few months i didnt farm much due to other stuff consuming my time but outside of that, it’s farming 3 to 4 times a day since i started.

For what its worth, “player level” has never been one of my goals or even point for comparison.

Highest titans i can, toughest wars i can, in a team i enjoy, x amount of maxed heroes, x amount of troop sets at x level, those have always been goals I’ve set and those things can separate players from 1 another much more than player level


Ok… I get it. Just saw some guys on You Tube with 100k gems and all 5* along with unlimited feeders. They made it seem like you pay to get there. He powered up Kingston in 40 minutes.

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Thanks for the advice


That’s a point you get to in the game

As you progress, you max more and more heroes

Well it gets to a point where there are fewer heroes that help you substantially and even fewer you get regularly from RnG. So you stop leveling heroes as often which backlogs resources which allows for splurging of resources when you get somethin new and shiny.

But no you don’t need 100k gems a month to be good in this game or to progress at a good pace or to reach any goals you have unless that goal is pretty overboard.

Also idk which youtuber you watch, but some make money off their viewers to buy that 100k gems. They beg you to subscribe or like, they advertise for other games/companies, promise “inside info” if you pay them to join a special club, even beg for donations directly, some even run the “we’ll donate a x% of whatever donations we get to a random viewer each week”, and it’s all 1 big scam to get others to pay for their entertainment. Not all youtubers in this game are like that, but i can think of at least 3 well knowns that are. Don’t fall for the gimmicks, dont pay for someone else’s gaming.

The 1 guy that made a 4 hr or whatever video about quitting the game, actually had the nerve to complain about how bad summoning odds and results are and then bragged about the good pulls he had that others paid for which sounded like 1 big relief for him that he didnt pay for them himself.

Don’t buy into everything you see/hear on youtube


But what IS the ROI you are talking about here? The only thing you can get out of the game is the satisfaction (or frustration) from playing it. There is no other gain on your investment. Are you aiming to compete at the top? Ok, then is the investment you need to make to do that worth it to you? Will it be a source of frustration if you find that the investment is not enough to achieve your goals? Do you then invest more? How much more, and at what expense? You have to be realistic. The more you spend here the less you have to spend elsewhere.

Remember, there is NO payback on that investment, other than the entertainment value gained from playing.

Is it worth it? It can be, or it can not be. There is a huge group of forum posters here that find it is not.


A lot of people often view pocket games like this as not worth it to spend hundreds or even thousands of money.

My pov… if it brings you happiness… why not?

My only concern though is the life cycle of E&P itself. As in, how long will this game still stay relevant.

Its ok to spend hundreds of dollars for this game but I don’t want to be spending money for a game that probably won’t last even a year anymore.

Luckily we still have Season 3 coming soon, which at least indicates that this game can go for a year or two longer before being replaced by something new like Puzzle Combat etc.

This is my only concern that affects my decision to spend money on this game.


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