Pay 2 Win. Is it worth it? I think ... maybe

If you spend on the game to stay competitive it doesn’t end. There is always the next new HOTM or Event or Seasonal hero to chase, or you fall behind. What you spend now on the game will not ensure any kind of sustained longevity at the top without further spending later.

Spending to speed up the process, to shorten the grinding cycle, that gives you a longevity in playing but it will not get you to the top. Buying the VIP pass, cheap gem deals, being C2P. But that harbors no illusions of being at the top. That’s all about having fun. Just entertainment as opposed to competitive entertainment.


That’s good advice. Thanks all.

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So, in summary … Is it worth it? I think … maybe :rofl:

You have to decide for yourself. For me personally, no. But that doesn’t apply to anyone else, and I don’t expect it to.


Ones perception of worth in things is relative. But I still see both sides.

Original question is still unanswered. How much a week if I went that way?

Just curious.

I have an extreme Pay to Win in my alliance though extreme itself is quite relative to one’s point of view.

His lowest pull per month is 100x Atlantis Rising. There are times he goes beyond 100x for example, if he is courting a specific returning HotM or he is trying to get the new Challenge Event’s heroes like Black Knight and Lady of the Lake.

Now back to 100x pulls during Atlantis, he is not doing the pull for heroes, but rather its for the Ascension Materials chest.

How much he spends every month?

He used to spend close to $500 and even $1,000 when he was just started back then but lately as long as he got to get 10 ascension mats box then that is all good. I asked him once how much does this cost… and his answer is $300.

Does this answer your question?


Basically it all about utility/satisfaction you get from spending.
Where is your goal?

Forget about being in top 100, you usually wont last more than an hour there unless you keep staying online with a very good defense lineup.

My own goal is to have a roster that I am satisfied with and the occasional raid on names that I recognize. :wink:


I’ve been playing the game for a little over a year now. After about a month, I started booking VIP to get the extra builder, which is really helpful to advance your base. But what really surprised me - and showed me that I really shouldn’t spend any more than that - is how little spending more money actually helps you advance. I’d occasionally spend $2.99 or $9.99 here and there, to buy rare ascension materials, and used the extra gems that were included to buy epic/seasonal summons. But guess what? I never got more than a 4-star hero from any of them.

Maybe that’s just bad luck on my part, but it certainly turned me off from spending more money on anything other than a VIP membership. Your mileage may vary, of course, but I manage to thoroughly enjoy the game despite being FtP/CtP.

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I would like to say that you can do well in this game as C2P also, i have played about 9months and spent maybe 150euros in this game, i have been very lucky with my pulls since i almost always pull event heroes and not classic from portals, and they have been good heroes.
I rarely go under 2500 trophies and can easily raid my self to top 100 with mostly 4* heroes

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I had those $500 months over a year ago. I get it…I regret it…

No doubt it put me ahead of the curve, but there is a limit. If anything, tomes and blades are rarely sold so those maxed 5*s are still rare.

I still spend, but nothing like I use to. I pay for my extra builder and maybe a 10-roll on events. I don’t need more pretty 5*s at 1-1 just to look at.


VIP + Atlantis for me as C2P - $13 a month USD basically for the past year and I can generally compete with anyone in any aspect of the game after 2 years (this is a big differentiator vs new folks - time).

Path of Valor likely to change spending pattern - won’t spend any more, just may change WHERE I spend it.


So I went overboard for a little while (I am normally very responsible, but I got sucked in for a few months and spent a couple thousand).

This did afford me the opportunity to build a very solid roster. Since then, I’ve quieted down to 50 USD/month and that is sufficient to remind me that the RNG is a cruel monster.

I often make it to the top 50 or so without spending a raid flask, sit around 2450-2600 cups, lead a top 200(ish) alliance and don’t feel like I’m lagging behind in the game.

Hope that helps @JudiciousSage


C2p been playing about 8 months bought VIP 3 times. Probably spent around £150 in total, happy with what I got so far. I got my tc to 20 just after Atlantis, so iv set it up that once Atlantis starts I can empty it and see what I get and decide if I need to spend anymore cash on deals. Also didn’t finish S2 as can use the coins for Atlantis summons next time! Plus if do buy deals got £14 on google i can use on cheap deals for gems for other event heros.
Just working a balance that can suit me plus farm Atlantis when it’s on, to get my tc20 back to 30+ days on it n keep other tc still running

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Elrond told Aragon that he was the one to choose what to do with the time he was given.

I could say the same to you.

It’s your time, your money. When I was younger I spend my savings on a new bike. Some of my friends saw it as stupid. As I saw stupid to spend 50 € drinking in a saturday night.

IMHO money spent on a gamble is not worth. I never spend on betting and lottery but have other ways to spend my money which could be seen as unworthy. I only spend on VIP

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You talking to me?


I’m p2play, not to win. I’m at $50/month. It’s worth it for me. I enjoy the game.

I think being c2p or f2p is great, too. Whatever works for you, as long as you’re having fun and not regretting the expenditure.

If your budget allows, go for it. If you’re f2p on principle, or for financial reasons, that’s fine, too. I think that if I’m enjoying a service, I should probably pay for it. But since people like OP and I exist, the f2p crowd shouldn’t feel that way. I’m also an independent contractor, so that’s where that opinion comes in, and I am only applying it to myself.

Short answer: if you think it is, it is. Yes. If you think it’s not, it’s not. This is entirely subjective.

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Thanks for the great advice. I think I have my answer. Everyone was so very helpful and it’s much appreciated.

So… obviously there are two roads to go, however as vested as I seem to be in this game thus far I am hearing this.

It’s the cost of the entertainment value as you see it. The cost of your fun/down time as you see it’s worth to your personal situation. IOW 5k or .5k is unique to the individual. Therefore the amount of money you spend for an activity gets its worth only by your own personal equation within your circumstances.

For me, I like Peachy Keen’s path perspective. Probably more money in the beginning that you would be proud of later with the benefit of a solid foundation for continued success at less the rate. I am going to spend a few dollars more for a bit. Level up my favorite heros and then enjoy a plateau of less frustrating continuance.

I hope to see you all in our cyberspace soon.

Many thanks


That’s a really hard question to answer… in my spending I have felt just about everything there is to feel as a result of it…

“Fantasies have to be unrealistic because the moment, the second that you get what you seek, you don’t, you can’t want it anymore. In order to continue to exist, desire must have its objects perpetually absent. It’s not the IT that you want it’s the fantasy of IT. So, desire supports crazy fantasies.” - Lacan

“We are only truly happy when daydreaming about future happiness or why we say the hunt is sweeter than the kill, or be careful what you wish for. Not because you’ll get it, because you’re doomed not to want it once you do.” - Pascal

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