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I think the two heroes could use one more buff… /s


I think many of us were expecting this

It’s also a decent way to release heroes like this. At initial summon they’re competitive but get a buff when their event comes around.


Odette should break the opponent fingers too
She’s too weak


on the plus side, i am glad we are getting more than one balance update per per month.

on the negative side, the recent updates are generally small having in mind the big number of heroes and families who need buffs (including new ones like anzia, zaria, aconia, zandria… etc)

for this update, it isn’t much… for me i have phantom at 1.1 and I don’t have a desire to max him yet (if i had Odette she’d be maxed)

honestly, this has become such a pattern that I would be surprised if there weren’t buffs…

at this point, I just expect it. am I happy about it? nah. but…


Doesn’t really matter at this point. Go ahead and call this “balance”.


So two Heroes, released in a cash grab before their event goes live, need a buff to keep them on par with the rest of the Heroes from the event when it is released less than 6 months later. It this does not put the spotlight on the power creep centre-stage then nothing does. (Analogy totally intended).


Could’nt find better words. Besides, I really had to laugh when I read the announcement. :joy::joy::joy:

Balance exercise #3 for November! Guess there will be balance updates for each portal with newer heroes going forward. Woo hoo!


Michael Crawford is grinning from ear to ear


To quote Captain America: “I understood that reference”


Polecam :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::bouquet:jupi polecam zajebista gra

Flippity flip flop to you @gonia1186

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Raise it, of course, I’m no longer surprised by this. Honestly, I don’t know what you’re thinking. It’s clear that you want more money. But you can’t help but see players leaving the game in droves. And along with them, purchases of shares and views of advertising go away, which is also money! It becomes unbearable to play. There is no balance; it is almost impossible to break through the defense in one go. After the last war, 4 players in our alliance quit the game. Four!! And this is a top 100 alliance. And this is the situation in many alliances. Look how many top 100 alliances are not full!! I’m not talking about alliances below the top 100 at all; the situation there is approximately the same. You can’t help but see this!! And previously, there was a queue to get into the leading alliances. Aw!! What are you even thinking about?


Oh, wow! Balance is coming, again :))

Balance ? What balance? :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

SG did it again, and this kind of things will make players unhappy. Its always bait and switch (and I can say that because I do own an Opera Hero) :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

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Bank balance of course :moneybag::rofl:


I really dont see the point of this… You want more cash for the max spenders but by the opposite side people who spend is stopping or leavin the game.

Cant you see is better if a lot of people spend some than a handsome of people spend much?

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Did 12 raids this morning. Reroll consistently throwing up meta defences with higher TP, all 2LB, new shiny beasts.

Id take on the teams with roughly equal TP when I came across them (huge ham spend to find them) and then get roasted no matter which team I chose. The couple of wins i grabbed were from cascades and lucky starting boards. Nothing to do with good strategy. Toon Sartana took an unbelievable amount of hits before succumbing in one battle. My Waterpipe is consistently missing the opponents who have charged and need to be stopped. Myoin-Ni cant catch a green tile to charge and keep me in the game. Not gonna fill my raid chest this way.

Enter the tourney to try and grab some raid wins. Thankfully, that goes fairly well (but id already bought back in yesterday, so not going great). Then I get creamed by this mob;

Still not sure how. They seemed to defeat me with slash attacks that were doing heavy damage. I didnt even see Wu Kong fire. Look at those troops; zero effort. How are healers killing my best with slash attacks?

I then enter the Opera event. My yellow 3* are all useless. Great. Even on tier 3 of the Rare event, Im losing heroes. Fiends everywhere. The new Opera heroes delivering sizeable hits.

I go take a look at the new Opera heroes and just have to laugh. This lot needed a buff? Really?

Had 4 pulls worth of coins. 4 x 3* S1 Dupes.

Clearly its not my day, but what the hell is going on in this game? Starting to feel like Keanu on the bus in the film Speed. The vehicle wont slow down and is destined to explode no matter what we do at this point.