One Stop Titan Shop: Top 100 Flagship of The Shop Family

Start off the New Year right! One Stop Titan Shop, Flagship of the Shop Family.

Good luck in the war from all at Crew-Jesters.

And by good luck I mean just slightly less of it than we get :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Have a happy and safe New Year from One Stop Titan Shop!

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Going to be fun for sure. Looking forward to our war chat :laughing: :popcorn: :beer: best of luck to us all.

You lot are nuts quite literally in every sense of the word :eggplant:.

The warchat is like having the Muppets Christmas Carol but the first ghost that comes back is John Belushi and he’s come back to party. Everyone ends up wasted and Scrouge wakes up in a mill in Manchester 4 days later having missed the other 2 ghosts completely. He has no idea how he got there or what’s he’s done. Like a Muppet version of Leaving Las Vegas :joy:

I hope that comes across as the compliment I intend it to be.

Also if that’s your jam then join these guys right away. You will not be disappointed.


Thank u sir, we never been accused of being a bit shy or tame… Wait till u see us hung over :laughing:

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Thanks for the fun war. Not laughed as much for a while.

Stay classy you crazy kids


You as well my friend :kiss::popcorn: :beer:
Was fun and u made us work for the W.

Thanks for the banter and fun. Well earned victory.

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The pleasure was ours. :kiss: Next time though we enforce breakfast in bed for the w…

Ok… OSTS has a waitlist but it’s still accepting fukwits or those who think they may have what it takes. Thick skin, adult, and line app… See the mama…bear in line

(2 dots) look for the dancing hypnotic :peach: :wink:

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Waiting lost wont fill itself :laughing: got a few more slots open :wink: :kiss: :beer: :popcorn:

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Can confirm the :peach: is hypnotic :laughing:


Definitely lost, but they some how find their way.

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Oh yeah… If the desire is strong enough u be surprised where u can end up :laughing:

Need a shiny new toy to play with… Come see me :laughing:

Will have some spots available for just the right fukwit… Ready to let the freak flag wave? :popcorn: :beer:
Come see why we are still here after 1500 days and still end up in top 100 (when sober) :laughing:

Hey… I’m looking for a temporary home…

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Hey hon. Come and see the mama on line. We like runaways @Homaclese


2 dots and look for a dancing :peach: :laughing:

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