One Stop Titan Shop: Top 100 Flagship of The Shop Family

Top 100 alliance!

One Stop Titan Shop, founded by Mama Bear is the Flagship of The Shop Family, one of the longest running franchises in the game.

Always on the look out for active daily players with level 20+ troops, ready to chain 14* Titans and ready to bring some pain.

Unburden yourself from this mundane existence and learn all of the wicked delights One Stop Titan Shop has to offer.

Adults Only
Line Required
Thick skin and a sarcastic sense of humor MANDATORY

Line ID mama…bear


Whips are provided byob

B=Blanket, Boytoy, Booze, ???

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Why can’t it be all those things? Big Bump!

B: Be
Y: Yourself
O: Or
B: Boot!


Lmao wellllll hello stranger!!! Welcome back purple :heart:

It’s a damn long hibernation for me :laughing:

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About time u came back. U were missed

That works also… We play rough

One look is worth all the words… Fierce

GL, I’m a mature dry

Also quite welcomed, but don’t say you weren’t warned!

Sryyy plz 4give IMA dummy sirs, I’ll b valuable soon

Uh oh do we have someone who wants attention?

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If you are interested to see how valuable you are feel free to contact the shops founder in line. :laughing:

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Interesting to say the least…or was it yeast…seems I mixed up my cook books again

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Things That Go Bump in the night are always much more fun…

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Oooh la la … Breathtaking