October 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Dynasty Of Dunes, Tavern Of Legends, Challenge Festival 1, Contest Of Elements, Underwild, Covenant Of Champions, Atlantis, Masquerade, and Clash Of Knights)

8 weeks apart so 5 December, 30 January, 27 March, 22 May.


I wouldn’t mind iris… She evaded me the first time and she definitely has become very useful…

I’ll probably go heavy noor for the last two levels… Let her minions be my meat shield for the bulk of the levels…

Dates seems right unless SG accelerating this like the Tower of Styx so that they can release more elemental heroes.

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Sorry play, but I can find the thread for the latest black friday 2022 , and all the info related about the portal/ heroes.

I know Petri wrotte about it, which heroes will be included and which wont etc,…

Can someone send me the info please or link?

Thank you!

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It’s just in the Version 52 Release Notes & Status as I linked in my November forecast already :+1:

There is no master topic for Black Friday 2022 yet.


Yes, I will add it later.
Maybe next week.

SGG changed their plans, I updated my predictions accordingly.

The strangest thing is Covenant summon whereas it isn’t even present on the official calendar!

@IsaHurricane in the end there is a costume in the Atlantis summon this month :grimacing:


Very strong featured list this time IMO

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Agreed. Topaz is the only one that would make me sad to get.

I don’t have a 5* minion destroyer, so I would be happy with Topaz. I think you have Grimble, so I understand she’s not needed for you as she is slower to destroy all minions

Yeah, but that non-featured list makes me wanna barf. :face_vomiting: Boss Wolf, Mok-Arr, Sargasso, AND G. Owl among the non-featured five-star possibilities? That’s a lot of ways to roll a five-star and still whiff. I really want Mist, who I missed in S3, but I think I’m going to pass on this covenant summon.


I have Grimble and cap’n of diamonds that i use for bigger minions… Skadi for 20% or smaller ones…

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I’d roll the bad ones right into soul exchange… Don’t pass go… don’t wait for a buff.

gosh darn it, was hoping covenant quest was on instead :sweat_smile: oh well, it’s the only one i wanna try summon for this month, so i’ll wait for that, thankie oh great oracle :slight_smile:

I just now finally looked at the whole list. I don’t think there’s a single non-featured 5* from that list I would ascend. Maybe Norns for Mythic Titan. Or Hatter for funsies.

I already have Elena, Joon, Poseidon, Alice, and Magni maxed. Already have G Chameleon and Morgan at 3.70.

But with that featured list, plus 7 heroes from the 3’s and 4’s that I don’t have, I’ll do my few pulls this time around.


It is understandable that the Covenant portal gets some negative feedback, think about price especially, but personally I think this is a good idea.

Yes, there is a lot of filler heroes, but you also get a strong featured mix of heroes that potentially are a long way from being available (Kullervo) and a mix of heroes that you might want, that otherwise would be hidden away in portals that you do not want to pull from (Topaz) or in portals that are overcrowded (C Marjana)

When the mix suits you, this is definitely a good portal for some, and this time is a good one for me (fingers crossed and expect to be disappointed :sweat_smile:


It’s showing up today (17 Nov) in my game. Is this a mistake or was the delay cancelled?

Later Staff have changed their mind, and adjusted the schedule back to November:

Thank you! I hadn’t planned to come back until the Oracle put out the choices as the date approached, so I missed the un-postponement. Thanks as well for all the work you do in the forums, it’s appreciated!

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