October 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Dynasty Of Dunes, Tavern Of Legends, Challenge Festival 1, Contest Of Elements, Underwild, Covenant Of Champions, Atlantis, Masquerade, and Clash Of Knights)

There is no Soul Exchange in November?

things that called my atention: i) no SE, ii) no dissociated covernant summons and event and iii) stix tower is already back


but thanks for releasing the calendar earlier this month, btw

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Yeah, not having Soul Exchange is a big suprise :frowning:
Maybe that’s why @Elioty33 could not see any list of heroes as it is very early for December…

Not having a Covenant Summon is not uncommon.

Adn yeah it seems Staff is prioritizing Tower of Styx event so that all Styx heroes are released ASAP.
So the rotation will might be:

Styx → Alliance Quest → Styx → Ninja Tower → Styx → Tower of Magic…


Uploading: 2022_Monthly_Event_Calendar_11_November_fixed.jpg…

@Petri Hello, questions to be clarified:

  1. Wouldn’t Soul exchange be in November? counting the 180 day cycle should occur approximately 11/12?
  2. Are you going to replay Tower Styx already?
  3. And will the Elements Contest be bimonthly? Green elemental left for December?
  4. Will we have Convenat Quest, will it remain separate event and portal?
    Thank you for the clarification, builder of the calendar in the Portuguese version here and eagerly awaiting your responses.


So far only the nature heroes are tested so it is highly likely that the Nature Quest will arrive next.



So sad we won’t have Soul Exchange

I desperately need to unload some 5*


Too inconsistent, empires was once simpler and better, each day more complex and confusing.
Thanks for the answer!


Well yes, assuming they release new Styx 5* each round they have 4 towers to go until all 5* will be out. @Elioty33 , sorry to bother you but can you see which new 5* will be in Styx?


Soul Exchanged pushed to stagger it a little more from the 180 day Fated Summons Refresh?

Didn’t expect the official calendar that early but anyway, here is my forecast for November 2022:

  • Costume chamber 31st October: featured: Domitia C2 (new), Elkanen C2 + the introduction of (new): Magni C2, Horghall C2, Kiril C2
  • Mighty Pets 3rd November: new heroes: Furdinand, Cupcake, Chomper, Hachiko, Ribbit, Rufus, Waddles, Toto, Bubbles; no featured hero
  • W3K 7th November: no featured hero
  • Covenant quest 7th November: no-summon-gate event; guides on the enemies we will be facing later
  • Underwild 10th November: featured: Passepartout Hulda, Lepiota Congalach, Zekena
  • Covenant summon 12th November: featured: Waterpipe (new), Hammertusk (new), Kullervo, Topaz, Marjana C, Alfrike (complete list below)
  • Atlantis 14th November: featured: Oceanus, Uraeus, Misandra Poseidon C, Iris
  • Tower of Styx 16th November: new hero: Charon; no featured hero
  • Valhalla 21st November: featured: Baldur C (new), Lord Loki, Ratatoskr
  • Black Friday summon 22th summon: see staff announcement; new heroes: Fortuna, Jove, Enigmo
  • Dunes 24th November: featured: Ahmose (new), Tetisheri, Khonshu
  • Legends 28th November: featured: Athena C, Drake Fong C,Hel C, Perseus C, Alasie C
  • CF2 1st December: featured: Ogima (new), Narcisa, Winifred + the introduction of (new): Garyas, Zarel


  • The next Covenant summon is in mid December.
  • The next Contest of Elements (nature) is on the 5th December (same timeslot as Mythic Titan).
  • The later part of the month is subject to change with the upcoming v53 game update.
    EDIT: especially the legends on the 28th of November with the new HOTM’s costumes in beta and the CF2 on the 1st of December that has inconsistent data, see post #148 below.

@Zartanis @sommc @IsaHurricane @ArktikaTF and whoever else is interested.

UPDATE 2022-11-02: SGG changed their plans a bit, I updated my predictions above. No change yet on the Legends and CF2 but that’s to be expected with the v53 game update.

UPDATE 2022-11-23: I updated the Legends and CF2 on respectively 28th Nov and 1st Dec predictions after getting the v53 game update.

Covenant summon list:
Name Element Stars Origin
Waterpipe (new) Blue 5 Monster Hunters
Hammertusk (new) Green 5 Monster Hunters
Kullervo Yellow 5 Kalevala
Topaz Yellow 5 Ninja Tower
Marjana C Red 5 Season I
Alfrike Purple 5 Season III
Hawkmoon Red 3 Season I
Bauchan Red 3 Challenge Festival I
Jahangir Red 3 Season I
Nashgar Red 3 Season I
Berden Green 3 Season I
Shrubbear Green 3 Challenge Festival I
Belith Green 3 Season I
Friar Tuck Green 3 Season I
Fianna (new) Green 3 Monster Hunters
Grevle Green 3 Season III
Karil Blue 3 Season I
Vodnik Blue 3 Challenge Festival I
Dawn Blue 3 Monster Hunters
Nordri Blue 3 Season III
Gunnar Blue 3 Season I
Pixie Yellow 3 Challenge Festival I
Edelaide Yellow 3 Monster Hunters
Kailani Yellow 3 Season I
Gan Ju Yellow 3 Season I
Prisca Purple 3 Season I
Guardian Bat Purple 3 Challenge Festival I
Chochin Purple 3 Season II
Oberon Purple 3 Season I
Tyrum Purple 3 Season I
Sir Lancelot Red 4 Challenge Festival I
Scarlett Red 4 Season I
Kelile Red 4 Season I
Maheegan Red 4 Monster Hunters
Sumitomo Red 4 Season II
Caedmon Green 4 Season I
Melendor Green 4 Season I
Hansel Green 4 Challenge Festival I
Skittleskull Green 4 Season I
Brynhild Green 4 Season III
Boril Blue 4 Season I
Kiril Blue 4 Season I
Grimm Blue 4 Season I
Sonya Blue 4 Season I
Chao Yellow 4 Season I
Guardian Jackal Yellow 4 Challenge Festival I
Mist Yellow 4 Season III
Hu Tao Yellow 4 Season I
Proteus Purple 4 Season II
Boomer Purple 4 Challenge Festival I
Meadow Purple 4 Monster Hunters
Sabina Purple 4 Season I
Captain Kestrel Red 5 Challenge Festival I
Lady Loki Red 5 Season III
Elena Red 5 Season I
Baldur Red 5 Season III
Morgan Le Fay Green 5 Challenge Festival I
Kadilen Green 5 Season I
The Hatter Green 5 Challenge Festival I
Guardian Chameleon Green 5 Challenge Festival I
Magni Blue 5 Season I
Rumpel-stiltskin Blue 5 Challenge Festival I
Alice Blue 5 Challenge Festival I
Misandra Blue 5 Season II
Poseidon Yellow 5 Season II
Joon Yellow 5 Season I
Norns Yellow 5 Season III
Guardian Owl Yellow 5 Challenge Festival I
Sargasso Purple 5 Challenge Festival I
Mok-Arr Purple 5 Season II
Boss Wolf Purple 5 Challenge Festival I
Obakan Purple 5 Season I

Statistics (those are NOT pulling odds):

Criterion part
5* 26
4* 22
3* 24
S1 31
S2 6
S3 8
S4 0
CF1 18
CF2 0
Kalevala 1
MH 7
Non-S1 5* 21

Thx @Elioty33 for the list of featured / new heroes !


Arrgh. I wanted to save my keys until all the second costumes are released, but I’m worried about getting to 100 summons before the FS list changes, and I’d REALLY like that second Domitia costume. (Already have the first.) Thanks for the heads-up, @Elioty33 . More to think about.


Great list!

What about CF2, we will have Narcisa, Winifred + 2 event heroes as featured like last time? Or just those 2?

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@Elioty33 Thanks! :clap::clap::clap::kissing_heart:

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CF2 happened only once before on the 11th of August 2022 and it had Rhys, Emilio and Senan as featured heroes.

As of now (and again, it’s still over 1 month so subject to change, with the v53 game update in the meantime), my Magic Orb tells me that Narcisa and Winifred will be featured (and only these two). Yet, it’s inconsistent as the advertised hero (the one shown on the portal’s card in the list of summon portals) is Ogima, and the advertised hero is usually (always?) featured too.

So I have to say take this one with a grain of salt. And it starts in December so it’s technically not part of the November calendar but I like to give one more event to “connect” to the following month.


By the time they release the half decent 2nd costume heroes they will be obsolete already…

Why the staggered the release is baffling tbh


Is there any hope of Hathor shows up on November or should I wait for December?

I am saving for him too. Hope it will be december so I will have more time to gather coins!

Thanks! You are awesome!

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