October 2021 TENTATIVE CALENDAR (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Tavern of Legends, Atlantis Rises, Valhalla Forever, S4 Voyagers Of The Underwild, Mythic Titan, and Ninja Tower, Starfall Circus, Slayers of Fell Shadows, Return To Morlovia)

Thanks Dude. I always appreciate you giving us a peek into these Mod meetings.

Rock on!!

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If I understand Staff’s statement correctly, then we will have a Tower event every 4 weeks ?

Or this Alliance Quest or whatever will be alternating with the Towers ?

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They have been doing a 4 week cycle thang for a while so my guess is it will.
The new alliance Event I think will be like teltoc etc… I ain’t played it in beta so can’t really comment if it was a tower event… The word tower should be included haha :joy: :+1:

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It is not a Tower event, but earlier Tavern was in that cycle too, which is also not a Tower event.
So everything is possible :smiley:

I think we may need to wait until end of October to have a high level idea about how these events will take place :smiley:

They have posted a change to the events.

“Schedule Changes for Events (October 2021 Onwards) - News & Updates - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum” Schedule Changes for Events (October 2021 Onwards)

Wolfheart here)


in october we will have ninja tower and masquerade, is that correct?

in october we will have ninja tower and masquerade, is that correct? :eyes:

I think yes, based on Staff announcement.

Thank you for all the work on these!

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updated the calendars they published

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Thanks to all the people who update the calendars for the community. It’s hugely appreciated!!

Thank you, Calendar Creators. Appreciate your efforts.

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@VeryQuietly , thanks for the hard work , I think there is minor fix , It’s going to be Taverns of Legends not Costume event this month

That is not what the announcement says. ToL is bi monthly and is in November.

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Currently there is a 5 week gap between October’s Costume Chamber (tentatively 21st October) and November’s ToL (announced 25th November). So these 2 will either not be a strict 4-week rotation, or there will be further changes

The announcement says bi monthly. That means every 2nd calendar month. So the gap will alternate between 4 and 5 weeks.

Arabic calendar @Zartanis


I also redesigned my calendar taking into account the new information.


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