🔵 [Oct 30, 2019] Trials of Mysticism Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

I took Mitsuko +7, sabina (4.1), Kiril +20, Proteus +3, Isarnia (2.52) and finished all stages with no items used except 3 small health potions.

On the final trial stage Ulmer goes down easy using Mitsuko’s reflect so he isn’t a problem. Balthazar isn’t bad since he only hits 1 and usually I have a shield up from Kiril. Quintus can hurt but I tried to keep him quiet with Proteus when needed.

This is that same team I have been using for a bit now. With the purple trainers from Halloween and this event I decided to finally level Sabina. I already have Melendor(he was my first 4*) so she wasn’t a priority unti recently with raids and trials. I also have all the other healers in 4* maxed with emblems most at +20 except BT at +1. I also have Vivica at 3.70 waiting for darts. I figured since I already have Tibs and Rigard max and I do have Cyprian but he is at 1.4(fed him his dupes). I could have gone with another Tibs or Obakan. I already have Proteus and Domitia is maxed too. I wish I had Sartana but not yet from TC20.

No items needed even though its a longer fight since Kiril and Sabina don’t attack and Isarnia isn’t strong yet though she helps with the def down at 4/8. Really Mitsuko and Proteus do the attacking so it can be longer in the last trial after Ulmer is gone. I just didn’t want to waste items here if not needed.

I like the trials but the more I play this and raids I see the argument for a 4* yellow healer making sense.


First two I’ll be doing! Emblems to amennoa and proteus when finshed.


Amoenna to +20 really? You don’t have sabina or maybe a 3*…LOL. I got lucky with Mitsuko and I do have Amoenna but stopped leveling her at like 2.x.

As for the wizard emblems I have Kiril at +20 and he is so well balanced you would think he was a 5* designed with those stats. I had already had him pretty far in before I got Proteus so I finished him and now am giving them to Proteus. I am stuck though since I also have Isarnia currently being leveled. Proteus is at +3 and right now the 4* with emblems are useful. I know endgame will be 5* emblems but I think maybe just max Isarnia and give them to Proteus. Then later either reset Kiril or Proteus or just start Isarnia fresh and leave them. Maybe I will get Hel and that would really make things crazy since she could really replace Proteus. If I was only so lucky…LOL Here is Kiril at +20 too. Look how well balanced he is, he literally could add a * and it would look like he came this way IMO. I have him with a L11 troop right now like I do with Melendor and Rigard but only Melendor works with the L11 mana troop. He charges in 9 tiles vs. 10. I have to get Kiril up higher to get him the extra boost from the troops and the 2% boost(Melendor gets 4% so he works with a L11). Not sure what Level I need for to get the 2% up to cut his tiles. I know him and Rigard (and any other Avg that gets a 2% bump) need 11% total so for Melendor the L11 troop gets 7% and the emblems give him another 4%. I need a troop to give him a 9% boost to add to the 2% and he will charge in 9 tiles as well which is great. Using them with other fast heroes really helps with that one tile cut since its usually 3 x 3 matched.


Did I miss the meeting on Amoenna being useful…ROFL. I have her and I think she was one of my first 5 4* but she has been collecting dust at 2.? since she is pretty much useless. I do have Tibs, Rigard +20, Proteus +3, Sabina 4.1(going up now) plus Domitia +7 and I have had 7 dupe Tibs but ate most of them. I would level them before I would go with Amoenna. And I have MItsuko and Sabina so no way would she get emblems. I would give them to Gil-Ra first…haha.

I know initially people said she would be good for titans with the attack stats plus her ghosting but I just didn’t see it. What are her stats at max 4.70 and what are you going for with the emblem path? I know the past 2 posts have had her with emblems. Maybe I missed the secret Amoenna meeting where she got good. Was Thorne there with Skittleskull too :smile:


This trial is just not possible for me in the current configuration:

Merlin — Sartana 3/50 — Sabina +20 — Skittleskull 3/60 — Kirill +10

The overload of purple and the two underleveled heroes just makes it impossible. I tried the third stage anyway, wasted dragons and axes, but still only got close to completing. Decided not to use gems.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to get better very quickly. I mean, Sartana will be leveled or almost leveled next time, but Skittles is on the long wait (behind Peters and Kingston), if she ever gets shields at all.

Saving sorceror emblems, wizard emblems eventually to Sartana.


Not a hard quest for me but it is a slow one, as my team seems to be all healers

Same team as last time. I did lose Skittles but everyone else survived. I used two dragons, which helped the lack of hitters and sped things up a bit. Not sure who I would swap in to increase the damage and speed. The only options were Amoennea and Cheshire Cat, neither of whom hit either, so :man_shrugging:


My only other 4* purple is cyprian (got proteus this Atlantis) so I kinda had to maxed her liked using her, emblems can either sit there or bee used to get more emblems, im going full attack path! For titans she’s great saved my butt in war n raids last one floating!
People who play with say “bad heros” day in day out find uses for them on the rosta with other heroes!
Just loook at girl-ra n amennoa specials there be a -34% defence down with a +82% attack on title damage which sits on 807 normally.


This time I replaced Balthazar with Mitsuko and my second Proteus is a lot more leveled so it was a lot easier. Just make Ulmer kill himself and freeze the other two. The sorcerer emblems and trainer will go Mitsuko. She will also get Jangahir’s emblems when she is done. He should be replaced by Amoenna next time around. Proteus 2 will be finished soon and will start getting the wizard emblems to catch up to Proteus 1 and increase his survivability. I love doing raids with the double Proteus attack. They are especially effective in the current rush tournament.


I didn’t make any significant change, only some more emblems and troops level:

I didn’t use any items:

My heroes are shining :scream:


She’s unquestionably useful for Titans, though I don’t much like her for anything else (others do). Her fully maxed attack stat is nearly the same as Seshat at +4 and that’s before she goes into ghost form.


My team this time:

  • Onatel 4^76
  • Sabina + 20
  • Kiril +20
  • Skittleskull 4^70
  • Ameonna 3^60

Compared to last time, both Kiril and Sabina grabbed their final talents, and Onatel claimed the darts to get to 4^76 from 3^70.

Seems like I noticed the lack of firepower a little more during the mob waves this time; I will fix that next time (more on that later). I had to use a few minor healing potions during those, but I went into the boss wave with all specials charged and a pretty decent board.

With so many AoE dealers, it was hard to focus on just one boss, which I would have kind of preferred. Still, the Skittles/Kiril combo means they don’t hit nearly as hard as they should. It was impressive to see Sabina take a regular attack from all three bosses on the same turn and still survive! Onatel really keeps those specials at bay, which helps immensely. Ameonna did eventually die, which was kinda sad, but there was no doubt about the outcome by then. Other than minor healing potions, no items were used. Ulmer went down first, and Balthazar and Quintus both died at the same time with a well-placed match of yellow tiles.

Wizard emblems are being held for Onatel (not for long; she’s almost maxed!) I can’t make myself give sorcerer emblems to Skittleskull, my only other maxed epic or legendary sorcerer, even though I probably should, since we get another reset token this time. Trainer hero goes to Sartana, who I drew recently. Between this trial, Morlovia, and a lucky trainer hero from a wanted mission, she’s growing up fast. Too bad I’m short of tabards, but she’s nearly guaranteed to replace Ameonna in this trial next time.


You will love Mitsuko for raids too. That Isarnia wing is no longer an issue and I love seeing it knowing that she will destroy herself. Same with Richard, Frida, KA, Alice and Rumplestiltskin though he is rare and has to hit the attack card to destroy himself.
I only have 1 Proteus and I am grateful for it but I don’t see why he isn’t average. Fast would make him OP but I don’t think average would be horrible. I do have Peters to pair him with though outside here and they make a great combo. Stop the mana from Proteus and stop the skill from firing with Peters. I posted my Kiril +20 earlier who I already had pretty high emblems when I got Proteus so I finished the emblems on him. Proteus is at +3 and I will likely finish him or switch to Isarnia. Not sure.

good luck and enjoy Mitsuko, she’s like a mini Guin.


Your heroes are on fire bodie!

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If you mean Proteus, but he is average mana already!


I went with this team.

I had a feeling it would be bad when I struggled to get through the second stage, but I didn’t think it would be that bad. Ended up needing a continue before I even got to the bosses, and then I used most of my arsenal (I was able to save an axe and two dragons). Not thrilled about the continue, but I guess I can deal with 75 gems plus all those battle items for 16 emblems, a reset and a 3* trainer.

I also just noticed that my defense team is not set to my actual defense team (it’s not what’s pictured, but I used that slot to recreate my trials team). This probably explains why I’ve been losing so many cups lately. Oh well, I’m staying in platinum and the matchups are easier.

Whoops, that should be a +18 Balthazar. I picked the wrong one for the re-creation. (I took the right one with me!) Not that it made much of a difference.


My Team Last Time: Hel/Kiril/Kashhrek/Mitsuko/Proteus
My Team This Time: Hel/Kiril/Lady of the Lake 3/44/Mitsuko/Proteus

  • I used mana controllers(Hel, Proteus, Lady of the Lake) to keep the bosses from firing. I also had Kiril to overwrite their debuffs with buffs.
  • I brought two healers: Kiril and Lady of the Lake.
  • Yes, I have Proteus. I brought him and Hel for mana control.

-Yes, Kashhrek got the boot in favor of the lovely Lady of the Lake.
-Even partially leveled, Lady of the Lake is much more useful than Kashhrek. The trials were a lot easier this time around. This used to be my most difficult trial.
-I used mana to keep Lady charged. I also used 5 arrows and 3 axes.
-Hoarding all emblems for now.
-Hanging on to the trainer hero for now.
-The Battle: My initial hope was to go to the boss battle with full mana and full mana stealing minions. Unfortunately, a single monster slash attack was enough to kill a minion. I did have full mana and 2 minions going into the boss battle. I relied on mana control for this one. I didn’t pay close enough attention and a slash attack killed Proteus. I started using arrows to blind and prevent slashes from hitting, along with axes to weaken. I still lost Mitsuko and Lady though. I shouldn’t have brought so many damaging items. More mana would have fixed the issue. I’ll remember for next time. Wasn’t a tough fight, I just got a little closer to death than I would have liked.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

As usual, double Proteus makes for an easy ride.

Each boss fired once when I couldn’t keep either of them charged in time, and didn’t want to bother using items.

I lost one Proteus toward the end, but it didn’t matter.

Shiny New Emblems

Kiril will step up once to +15, and will step up once to +5.

But right now, I’m saving up Iron for upgrading my second Advanced Food Storage to Level 8, so that’s waiting for later.

Hungry Brute

Jabbar ate the Trainer Hero.


My team last time:

My team this time:

This isn’t my strongest trial due to having too many healers. I dropped Skittleskull due to it being the weak color, but I’m not sure I made a great decision. Oh well.

Got the job done. What I’d do for an Isarnia. Not much, but I’d definitely appreciate having her.

Yay for reset emblems!

And thanks, as always, zephyr. :partying_face:


This one really is the easiest one for me. But that’s just because I’m lucky enough to to have Onatel. She is probably my favorite hero as I’ve won so many battles single handedly thanks to her.

For this one, the trick is onatel and proteus together. I fire proteus. Wait a turn or two. Fire onatel. Wait two or three turns. Fire proteus. Rinse repeat. The enemies never got a special off.

My team was rounded out with kiril, isarnia, and Sabina. Kiril and Sabina keep me alive. Isarnia lowers defense. Kiril gives me a buff. But the true stars are onatel and proteus.


Don’t know if it’s the same for others, but my trials teams don’t occupy roster slots, the teams only become available on each trial.

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