🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

after the battle you can no longer use them (unless ofcourse they die during the battle)

I like this idea with a tweak. Make it endless for 10 days. But instead max energy is 10 and everyday you get a flask worth 5 or 10 energy so you can just use the energy when you want and if you want to buy more flasks you can. Then they can get some spending out of the event. Someone will buy 100 flasks just to go the furthest and someone else will buy 101 flasks to be the furthest prompting the first player to buy 3 more flasks etc etc etc. then everyone can play at their own pace and when it’s most convenient.

Then there should be bonus rewards every 5 or 10 levels and the further you go the better the rewards. I feel emblems are fine as these bonus rewards. The occasional 4* mat every 20 levels or so and some avatars, titan, world and raid flasks, 4* battle items thrown in there would be great as well, along with bonus summon coins. Everyone should get the same rewards for the same amount of completion period. I only got about 150 emblems through all 50 levels and others are stating they got significantly less or more.

Doing this or something similar would make this perfect imho.

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I apologize ahead of time for the robustness of this post… But I am pretty passionate about this game…
So personal opinion. I’ve been playing the game for 3 or so years, run an alliance, and up to this point have appreciated most of the events they have done. So obviously I’m a fan of the game.

This event was not fun at all.

First, 50 stages in 5 days is a lot to deal with. 25 maybe? Much more manageable.

Second, the difficulty, while it may be good for pay to win players… Free or VIP only players like me … the sheer amount of damage that was being done by the mid-40s was tough to deal with even when bringing 2 healers per stage. One hit from the bosses was doing almost 1/2 damage to maxed 5*s. That may possibly be averted by dropping all my perks into Defense and HP, but I dropped everything into Mana gen to get the heals off more often. It didn’t work.

Finally, the curses.
This sucks all the possibilities of fun out of this event.
What is normally “work for matches to attack your enemy” becomes “work for matches to not get cursed.” And while it seemed at times that the game was dropping the curse tiles so that you had an opportunity to match them, it seemed once one of those “planned” matches was missed… the whole stage went to crap. The tiles also come FAR to frequently. You spend time trying to get rid of a tile, then the next pieces that fall… there’s another one. I even had a few instances where the curse went off, and the SINGLE tile that fell into place was another curse.
And if you fail to match these tiles? What do you have in your inventory to deal with them? Tornados. Is there any other way? I used all of my Tornados up during this event.
There are plenty of things in this event to make it difficult enough. The damage, the stage modifiers, the limited number of plays. The curse… in its current form… is a kick in the ****.
Few things in this game hurt worse than passing up the creation of a diamond b/c you have to get rid of a curse tile.

And… after using all my tornadoes… the rewards I got… for making it to 45 before saying that I was just done with it all together… 15 of each class emblem. Great… do that 4 times and I can move one of my 5* up one level. :frowning:

This can easily be imporved…

  1. Make it 25 or 30 stages. Boosts in a second.
  2. Either bring the difficulty down like 10% or… change the blessings. Either make one MAJOR blessing every 5 stages (if 25), or give one blessing every stage. This is the way many games run things like this. AFK Arena and Valiant Tales have “Labyrinths” where you go through with increasing difficulty on each stage and they are normal, elite, or legendary stages. Give a blessing each stage matching the difficulty. Make every 5th stage a “boss” stage with a more significant blessing.
  3. Curses… please lighten up. Make the times cursed like 4 or so, so people aren’t wasting all their tornados on one event. Or… how about make a less expensive new item that would help. Maybe a “Wind” that just moves the tiles around without the mana boost, or maybe a “hammer” of sorts that allows you to destroy one tile (even if you can’t use this item directly on the curse tile, it would still be helpful). If you can only carry 5 of those and that amount eventually reduces to 2, you will still get enough curses to make it challenging. And finally, if a curse is on the screen at the start of the turn, no curse falls after a match. This way, after clearing a curse, you get at least 1 turn of respite before having to deal with another.

I understand the desire to add a mechanic that would make it more challenging… but don’t remove the actual point of the game to do so. Playing “match the curse” is far less fun than playing “hit the enemy.”

One other general overall thing I would love to see… Stop throwing ALL players into the same leaderboard. All that does is make it a competition for those that dump hundreds of dollars into the game and kills the joy for the majority of your player base. Break it up into groups. Make the groups like 10000 people… or even 50000 or something. Allow others to feel the joy of victory once in a while and actually advance in the game a bit rather than giving all the rewards to the people that pay you the most money.

Just some thoughts. :slight_smile:


I like your thinking and agree. I made the mistake of not using 3*'s in the beginning and it really started to hurt with heroes once I reached level 40. Never made it past 42 even throwing plenty of Battle Items in.

You’re absolute right on the later levels being match to get rid of the curse instead of smack enemies. I know it is supposed to be get harder the higher you go but maybe just having a curse tile appear once every 3 turns would be better.

Hopefully SGG will tweak it over time like they did with Wars and Raid Tourneys.

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which creates a problem, you have to be perfect in your attack or pay for more lives. The rewards are not worth paying. It was nice they used diamonds vs real cash

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Almost perfect since they gave a free flask, so 55 flags for 50 floors. I agree about the reward value though.

This games NEEDS a real challenge and NT does. I get that all will not and should not be able to finish this challenge. Autofarming “challenges” and then throwing a time stop for the last level is NOT a challenge when one has player for two year and has a deep rooster not to say anything about the whales. I enjoyed the challenge once I realized they were giving us the hero of the floors so I could adjust the team and realized swapping around the team made the hero’s last longer. I gave up at floor 48 since I was not going to spend more time and diamond.

Time was my biggest issue.It take a long time which i was only barely able to keep up with war.

The second issue was the reward system. At least in the other challenges you will earn at least on pull. Here even if you got to 50 you did not earn a pull until AFTER the challenge was over. In other challenges there was a midway reward, not here. The 5 of everything seems fine as a participation trophy. Anyone with a level 3* team can make it to level 10-12. If all you have is 4*'s(F2p or C2p) you know you will not finish. Given the step wise minimal rewards it a “why bother spend the time”. A mid-level (say floor 25) reward say 10 or 15 of everything and a 4* ascension item and/or close to enough tokens for a single pull. could encourage further progress.

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all if you have a dragon head next to the curse: guard it and milk it for a turn or two

I missed the effect of my play on those cursed tiles. I knew if it dropped in the corner is was likely lost cause but middle was easier to work around.

IMO it was NOT design for EVERYone toto finish. If everyone could finish, where would the challenge be for the top player who without are likely to leave the game. Every game needs to challenge ALL players with appropriate rewards at given steps

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Oh, I saved every diamond and bomb I could. I planned moves ahead as well as I could. Shuffling is still just luck. It’s still pretty frustrating to have most of my best heros unusable because a curse happened to pop up all alone, with no like colors or bombs anywhere nearby.

Like I said, if they made them reversible, or temporary, I’d be okay with it.

Regardless, the rewards are still pretty pathetic. Tavern of Heros was a much better event.

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Since I love emblems, I played this event seriously, eventually finishing in 24th place. To be honest, I was surprised how easy it was to finish. Of course, I have a good roster, but with knowledge on how to beat tough boss battles, I’m sure every lvl would be doable with 4*-tournament teams like Wilbur-Boldtusk-Guardian Falcon-redX-redX. Of course, you would need more than one or two such teams because of the curses, unless you use a lot of tornados…(I used around 70 of them and had only 1 hero with 2 curses, 5 with 1)

So I think close to 30000 players made it to the final floor. (10 hours before the event finished, I was 27540th before playing the last lvl) What I actually want to say is that the ninja tower is promoted with phrases like “only the best can reach the top”. There are no 30000 best players. I would expect only a few players to actually reach the final floor. With so many players reaching it, points is the only thing that makes the difference. And this means full commitment from the very beginning and the will to use a lot of goot items. In my opinion, it would be more interesting if reaching a certain floor was an accomplishment in itself (maybe stored in the player info screen), not only scoring many points on the way up.

So yes, I understand that the ninja tower might be too hard for newer or “not so tricky” players, but it is the challenge many lategame players, who don’t enjoy board farming at the usual monthly events, were waiting for! When you reach the point when you can play most features on autoplay, win most raids etc., there’s only wars and tournaments left to be really interested in. And the ninja tower can be added to that list!


You might find some of these strategies helpful for next time around

Whaaaaat? How do you get so many nuggets??! I can barely keep them stocked with titans draining me of them. 70 is CRAZY to spend on this event.

Maybe that’s why I thought it was fairly hard to avoid curses. Sheesh!

I just realize what you mean by december is not Santa Challenge but next Ninja Tower :man_facepalming:

Yes, that is a good tactic, I did that too.

I use this for level 50:
Noor 4/80
C. Boldtusk 4/70+20
G. Falcon 4/70+20
Scarlett 4/70+20
Gormek 4/70+20

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I wish they give completion reward, not just level reward or ranked reward…

If you spend a lot of time with the game and use your world energy flasks in the atlantis uprising event, the bottleneck for some players is actually iron, not the ingredients. (now with embleming being cheaper probably not anymore…)

Nobody forces you to use tornados for titans. In especially if you are in an alliance that kills all titans anyway, there is no need to use expensive items. Because I nearly never used them within my first 2 years of playing and have many more in stock, I sometimes use them for titans, but you benefit more if you save them for events.

I LOVE THIS IDEA. spreads the rewards around a bit more too

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I used to have a huge nugget bottleneck. Until I discovered 5-8 farming - the best WE to nugget ratio in the game. I now create tornadoes semi-regularly (advanced buildings and emblems soak up a lot of iron) but definitely craft a few every day. Despite that I have about 140 nuggets to draw from.

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I would like to see something like a 10% score reduction (for replaying level) when you lose a level. There should be some incentive and reward for not losing levels and it would disincentive people from fleeing and flasking for higher scores.

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