🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

I made it around half way. Didn’t even use all of my flags each day.

Just felt like such a chore

Congrats to you too. And yes, very close indeed. :slight_smile:

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My tower rewards for completing each floor until 50. + bonus x15 of each one for placement.


@Petri @mhalttu

Now that this great event finished, I wanted to check the final leaderboard. To my disappointment, contrary to other events, that’s not possible. Could you please forward my wish to the developers?

Does anybody have screenshots of the highscores taken close before the tower event ended? In especially the points needed to become 1st, 10th, 100th. I know these thresholds will be much higher next time, but still…


if i remember correctly the winner had about 1.620k, the 10th around 1.560k :fox_face:

Did not complete the NinjaTower, but still enjoying a lot the entire event and game mode. I lost my last healer at 41th floor. BUT, to my great surprise, Belith and blessings help me through the following two floors.

Floor 43 completed, and she did not even die :star_struck:.
Then I stopped (too much time consuming on a busy Sunday).

Next time with a better strategy and team selection, I’ll try to beat my current best position. :muscle:


Great job. Reaching floor 43 is a great achievement too. Plus, very nice and positive attitude, I wish you the very best for the next one. :slight_smile:


Stopped at around level 30 because it was way too time consuming. In general I like it but it just takes forever.

To make matter worse, the last 10 levels are dominated by blue and purple bosses…

12 purple
10 blue
3 green
3 yellow
2 red

Level 42 and 46 have identical bosses.

@Guvnor I hope the developer in charge noticed this.


I’m Back for More

(But with less frustration, and more problem-solving ideas)

First Off

3600 TP is good enough for completion

I did manage to finish the event, so for bragging’s sake, I can still say everything in-game is completable using 3600 TP teams (as I only lost a handful of heroes to curses). I have yet to accomplish a feat that isn’t doable (aside from maybe making Top 100 in raids)

Tbh, I enjoyed this event a whole lot more when I made the decision not to compete (ie no more avoiding curses by item spamming, worrying about combos or completing it fast), and instead, just played to see how far I could get (losing the 3 flags that one day really put me at a disadvantage, as I needed to buy in for only one level, as that’s the amount of flags I was short). That decision saved me resources and added on stress tho by just playing it (but the last 10 levels were still extremely stressful, just cuz…). I mean, I still did my best to avoid curses and all, but not at the expense of precious items like nados (+ I eventually became limited by the trap floor, anyway). & I found the 3 turns just enough in order to remove over 90% of all curses [without items].

So out of this came an idea (I apologize if it’s already been suggested, as I haven’t read this whole thread):

This event would be much more enjoyable if it wasn’t about competing but rather just seeing how far each individual could go.

We could have infinite flags, and have five days to see how far one could get [with em] within that allotted time (with curses obviously still being the biggest deterring factor).

There could still be a leaderboard, but it’d be meaningless [in that sense], as the prizes wouldn’t be tiered. You’d get loot from every level, and with every 10 you’d get completionary level loot as well. And the levels themselves could be infinite, then (I mean, not really, but higher than 50). But if you do happen to reach the end (whatever that may be), you get amazing rewards to compensate.

Thinking, if this event runs every other month, that’d be perfect for giving out one of the specific color mats every time (so one month scopes and capes and another rings and blades). And you’d also wanna rotate between D blades + compasses and tomes + gloves somewhere in there, too (as that’s kind of a problem, given PoV doesn’t hand em out, either), so maybe halfway thru completion. Ultimately though, in the end, it’d still be about obtaining emblems (as that seems to be the intended thematic design here).

That way, there’d be real incentive to climb further (instead of this stupid tiered system): both for bragging rights and for getting more loot per stage + completion level loot from each ten (and then the final, amazing loot you get for finishing completely - assuming there is an end). Scoring wouldn’t be a factor whatsoever, so being timed wouldn’t be necessary. & That means item spamming wouldn’t be necessary either, and you’d only use items for survivability’s sake (which, people still will). That means combos, and end HP, wouldn’t matter either.

It’s a way of turning this event into something we all need: an event that makes use out of all of our heroes, while seeing how far we can get with em all [alone]; competing against one’s self instead (one month stage 50, another 60, so on, so forth).

Tho, I do think the levels should start out easy enough where 3* can suffice for at least 25% of it, so we’re able to use most of them, too. That, and so newbies can still participate, as well. I’d obviously prefer each level to only have two stages too, as any more makes the game-play feel dragged out, time-consuming and repetitive, but it may be necessary [as time goes on], or else it really could go on forever…

So yeah, at least then it’d be more about how far you can climb, like it should’ve been from the start, than how many items you can spam or how many times you can flee til you see a good board. As really, what do we need another version of a challenge event for, anywho?!

You’d (hopefully) still get awesome rewards just for participating in each level (including battle items, emblems and coins per stage). And even more the further up you climb, increasing per few stages, and giving a flat amount for every ten (like an extra 10 emblems per class per 10 levels + 10 of battle items + 100 event coins + 3* mat + a 4* mat every 50). Then the end we’d see something like 100 emblems per class, another 4* mat (or two), 1000 event coins and 50-100 of most battle items.

I guess that may seem like a lot, but this tower is a lot, so shouldn’t we be compensated accordingly? I know I’d like that format better, as idk why we need another challenge event type mechanic for individuals [like this] when there are this many stages. We have enough resource drains as it is… and this [event] just exacerbates that immensely without a justifiable payout to compensate. So I just think, if we’re putting in all of this work, we should all feel incredibly rewarded for our efforts. (Cuz right now, most of us are getting jipped)


If that’s not doable for whatever reason, then I stand by making the reward system tiered akin to WRC (ie based on %) + there should be completion rewards in place per 10 levels + there should be a majorly enticing completion reward for the whole thing (like 1-2 4* mats, 5-10 pulls, 50-75 of battle items and 50-100 emblems per class for everyone)

Right now it’s a whole lotta stress, work and item usage for almost nothing. I may have finished this go around, but that was only for novelty sake [mostly]. But I’m afraid that if it’s not completely reworked, I won’t ever venture this far ever again.


I think the tower is great as an new challenge! But I think they already should modify the drop rate. Only one free pull and only if you complete the whole tower. For me it was a challenge, im not the best player, but also not the worst… so for people who have less heroes it is no fun… they can never complete the whole tower and they can never get free pulls.

My suggestion every floor gives 10 tokens. 10 levels is 1 free pull(should be doable for most people) and 5 free pulls in total(50 floors)

Then everyone can have a chance and not only the paying people… cuz this game is already way to pay to get even good… hahaha…

After the last ninja tower event, I feel there is a minor room for few things to be fixed or implemented in better way.

  1. The Ninja bosses, especially after level 40 are ridiculously powerful (some may say that, in general those bosses are very powerful)

  2. It would be better to not have oni tile curse on a dead hero. If a hero gets struck and dies, the Oni tile curse shall fall on next nearby hero.

  3. With regards to point 2, Oni tile appearance should be calculated according to the number of heroes alive. i.e, if only hero is alive the curse tile should not appear often (as it’s impossible to clear in some circumstances).

  4. The loot for lower tiers (ranks 5001-100001)can be a bit better :slight_smile:


To be honest, I don’t mind the difficulty, it works for me at least, but I appreciate it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.
And I don’t mind the curses on a defeated hero.
But …
The task is and can be very time consuming for not much by way of rewards unless you are at the top of the ladder. So for me SG should improve the rewards distribution at each level completed and then at the level you achieve at the end of the event.
And for the F2P and C2P we need some improved strategy for them to try for Ninja heroes


I actually had it done as well but like you’ve mentioned not everybody’s cup of tea :slight_smile: that’s my mine concern here. Totally agreed with your thoughts on rewards.

Also few other mentions would be:

  1. The refill flask gives only 5 flags instead of 10 with given difficulty in completing levels

  2. There should be something (even as an offer) to lift the curse somehow. This can be a selling point for them :wink:

I’m very happy to see finally this event has ended , wow boring and frustrating event gone .

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Here is my heroes: https://heroplan.io/user/link/13e61e9e-d07f-4319-adf2-2aa066fe3c76
I lost almost all to Oni Stones by level 46.
But I had (and used) only 16 tornadoes and 16 dragon attacks.
Is I need 100 dragon attacks and tornadoes for December?

Why would you need Dragon Attack? I won’t recommend it for Ninja Tower. If you have Proteus, you don’t need Dragon Attack for December.

The items I used for the last 10 levels are Minor Mana Potion, Super Mana Potion, Tornado, and Miracle Scroll.

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Did manage to complete and got rank 24,xxx. But some who completed were outside top 25k. I’d like that prize distribution rethought.

Very little cursing in the final 10 stages. Switched loadout to tornado minormana timestop bombattack. Level 50 used time freeze instead of time stop to see how easy it would be. Only used one. So total tornadoes/timestop used in event was at most 20 each. I hope they don’t make this easier. If anything, maybe fewer but tougher levels.

Proteus has been cursed, and he is not good on last levels, because he works one turn. I prefer Zocc there, but he has been cursed too.

it was a fun event overall!

1- new oni stones are fun and challenging idea. they seem to show up in a fair way most of the time and it is calculated to be cleared in at most 3 moves which is fair and makes it fun.

2- blessings and deadly chambers are a welcome addition and provide some new factors for strategic planning

3- good challenge level, i was able to complete it without any major issues.

4- very good 5* diversity in terms of elements. hoping for a couple 3* and new 4* in the future.

1- 10 stages every day is time consuming especially the last two days.

2- sometimes oni stones require predicting the upcoming shields, a wrong prediction is basically a cursed hero unless you get lucky or use items.

3- some blessings are pretty underwhelming (defense and healing) and they could use number increase to be considered.

4- no special ending reward is anticlimactic after finishing stage 50. it is very similar to the monthly events but with more stages (15 rare + 15 epic + 15 legendary = 45 stages).

5- i was kind of expecting avatar rewards every 10 levels or so. why not adding them?

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