November 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Masquerade, Mighty Pets, W3K, Covenant Of Champions, Underwild, Atlantis, Tower Of Styx, Valhalla, Black Friday Summon, Dynasty Of Dunes, and Tavern Of Legends)

Overlapping events is a possibility. Not everyone plays Tower. But they may play AQ2.

Having both at the same time works out for those who are not into Tower events.

It doesn’t work out for the active hard core players, who would want to cover everything. Having to double up on items to do well in both events: ToM and AQ2-M, probably bodes well for December revenue too.

Higher sales of offers with items.
Higher revenue from having both portals run simultaneous: AQ2-M plus ToM Troop portal.

I don’t think many will try their luck in the ToM portal unless they use free coins or buy coin packs.

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Yeah, I was surprised to enter the game and see the Tavern. Breaking the quest start time makes no sense to me.

We will see soon enough. SGG should share their official calendar today or tomorrow I think.


Is Tavern event and portal open now? I dont see it on my side…

@Elioty33 there is no TOL today? thanks for help in advance all the time

ToL is starting later…


Oh too bad, the January HOTM looks interesting too, and my preference over the December one


Same here…. Was hoping for few days of January HoTM with the Christmas heroes …. BuT ! :rofl::roll_eyes:

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Thanks for all info… oracle !:slightly_smiling_face:


Do we know if the rewards for finishing each difficulty are as bad as in CoK? If so, I won’t even touch it.

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Yes, @Sorvina the “Tier completion” rewards are exactly the same as Clash of Knights.


Is this come in January? It’s already packed with events in early January. It’s a last item on your list so it can be Feb 2nd?

It will come in January.
It is announced by staff in V53 announcement.

It should be correct. Unless they change it, Wo3k is still rotating with Mythic Titan which will occur on 5th December

You are right. I totally forgot the release note.
It just strange we will have Mythic and W3K in same week…

No, they are not on the same week.

Dec 5 vs. Jan 2 :slight_smile:

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Yes, Jan is short for January. And every week is packed with events :grimacing: I can expend my prediction to the end of the first week of January later today if you want.


Oops! I confused with Dec and Jan… so sorry.

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I assume that the beginning of 2023 will see a new set of Magic Heroes, like Ninja tower did.

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I would not rule out new Ninjas either.
We will might see new Ninjas earlier than Magic heroes espeically if we will have a Tower of Magic in december, as in this case the Ninja Tower will arrive earlier than Tower of Magic, and nowadays it seems Staff like to add new heroes to each portal on each occurence.

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