🔵 [Nov 10, 2019] Trials of Piety Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

The last few times, I haven’t needed items at all, and it’s been easy.

So this time I wasn’t bothering to heal anyone, and then I cascaded yellow into Boril that killed off Leonidas and Wu Kong.

Without them it would have been a tedious time, so I used two Revive Scrolls, and some healing Potions, plus one Time Stop to give myself space to turn over the board.

Not a big deal, but still definitely a lot more items than any recent time.

Next time around I should put Hansel on this team, so I have more firepower and mana control. I think I could probably do without Vivica. Once Joon is taken out, it’s just a grind with no real danger.

Shiny New Emblems

I haven’t decided who’s next up for Monks, but it might be Joon, in which case I don’t have enough for his first node anyway.

I’m also considering giving some to a 3*, maybe Bauchan or Bane.

As for Cleric Emblems, I have enough now for Hansel to step up twice to +3. But I’m due for a building upgrade shortly, so I’m going to wait on Iron until after that.

Too Drunk to Notice

Kiril number 4 ate the off-color Trainer Hero.