No Time To Die recruitment!

No Time to Die

We are small group of warmongers who love to kill everything that stands in our way and we ain’t planning on dying easy! If you share our enthusiasm for wars and titans also, then come and join us :crossed_swords:

We love hanging out with cool members, chat as much as we like about everything (sometimes crazy talk :rofl:) and most importantly having fun :sunglasses:

~The answer will always be YES, unless NO is required :sweat_smile:

If someone has time to die I suggest to stop playing :heart:


ahaha im a pacifist, good luck for the recruitment

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So how many are you?
What star Titan are you on?
Do you have a war strategy?
What colour war Tank?
Any team strength limits?
Any trophy limits?

Just asking for a friend

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We are currently five members.
Titans are on 5-6* star right now.
Trophy limit is 1400.
Our rules are simple, titan hits are a must (we understand if you miss on occasionally,life happens), wars are optional, but if you opt in we just ask that you use your all war flags wisely! We are not pushy about the strategy , color war tanks or anything else! We are respecting the personal choice of the player, after all you know your teams best ,and how to use them!

Lol! This is not a good game for a Pacifist :rofl: :rofl:

Gummi Bear Ninjas have 10 - 12 members with the same approach. Would love to have you join us. Would be happy to discuss options. We all just want to enjoy playing - as a team - without restrictions.

Hello, I invite you to stop by our alliance after the war, so you can meet us and we can talk about a possible merger, if you would like to join us.

I’ll tell you a little about us, we are a very pleasant group, we have been together for a long time and we decided to create our own alliance, tired of the dramas, the bad communications, and being behind people so that they hit the titan and use their war flags.
We are well organized, responsible, competitive, communicative, but especially without egos or drama.

Our alliance is 8 members, but we currently hit 9* titans with no problem and win wars over 6k total score. We have a red tank and we use discord for war strategies.
If you think it would be interesting for you guys to join us, let me know. The person in charge of the negotiations is one of our co-leaders, he is very nice and could answer any question you have, or arrangement regarding the co-leadership.
Impossible Krazy Kats

It sounds like you are good alliance with good members! After discussing with my team mates, we decided that maybe we can merge but only if you come in our alliance! We have two reasons for this decision, firstly playing by our own rules we are winning wars like 8 out of 10 (80%) effective in general, and secondly we like our name too much :laughing: Thank you :+1:

Thank you for your offer and interest though! :slightly_smiling_face:

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