No Time to Die recruitment + we are mostly EX-YU Balkan members! That being said , everyone is welcome here no matter where are you from!

No Time to Die

Languages used in the alliance: English, Serbian-Croatian, Macedonian, etc…

We are small group of warmongers who love to kill everything that stands in our way and we ain’t planning on dying easy! If you share our enthusiasm for wars and titans also, then come and join us :crossed_swords:

We are not pushy about the war strategies like the most of the alliances, the only rule is just to use your war flags in the best way you can.

We love hanging out with cool members, chat as much as we like about everything (sometimes crazy talk :rofl:) and after all the most important thing is to have fun no matter win or lose :sunglasses:

-The answer will always be YES, unless NO is required! :sweat_smile:

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Anyone thinking about this should stop balkan and just join!

Merge with us at Quest Breakers we need 7 active members and are a easy going fun alliance

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Winter-Soldier, are you still looking for members? We are International Alliance now with 17 members, with similar ideas about wars and hitting titans. Would you consider mixing and fighting together?

Pls tell me your alliance name, so we can analyze and consider your offer…

Thanks, the name of our Alliance is We are Relentless. Feel free to ask anything you want to know.

Hi,Winter Soldier
We are alli of 22
If you are interested in merger to us
pls check us out
My line id Valiant Drazen
Crew Knights

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