Next challenge event date

Anyone knows the exact date for next Challenge Event? Thanks!

Grimforest should be May 6th 13th

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May 6th? Challenge Events are usually on the second Wednesday of the month, that should be May 13th, no?

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Sorry yeah, you’re right. I was thinking 2nd week. May 13th is correct.

It’s scheduled for May 6-10 according to Fandom, and it’s usually pretty accurate. Could the expedited Wednesday start be because of Tavern of Legends? And/or maybe Path of Valor II?

I believe may 13th is correct. I’d encourage people to search #calendar and give special thanks for @Novo in keeping it updated when she’s not tangled up in the grapevine.


@Mothra did you see SGG post that? The link you gave, while a good tool, is not official. For that matter, the one by @Novo is not official either. These are done by fans and can sometimes have errors.

I would expect it to be on 5/13, the second Wednesday.

This is all I’ve seen on the tavern of legends noting it’s still in beta.


I’ve just been watching the calendar’s trend on accuracy. It hasn’t missed since I’ve used it as a source. It’s not official. T of L’s release in May is just my theory given how rapid SG moved on Season III’s launch since it went to Beta.

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I agree with you. I’ve played it and I like it. My best guess would be Tavern of Legends would start 5/22. That’s a best guess based on some conversations I’ve had but by no means official. It is still in beta. Currently new heroes are being tested but the tavern should open on 4/20 for testing (they’ve staggered testing a bit this time). 5/22 falls in line with:

  • starting on a Friday
  • allows for current beta to conclude
  • allows for new version to be pushed out with content
  • does not conflict with other events

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