Newbie help in alliance war

preparation for war? what we need to know as beginners? thanks in advance…

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Hiya @Sjosh!

Welcome to the forum;

Some potentially helpful posts for you:

Also if you post your roster here the forum people’s can help suggest a defence team and some guidance on levelling future heroes :slight_smile:


@Guvnor thanks alot.

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Mainly, use all six flag even if you don’t do much damage. You can try doing cleanups (killing off teams weakened by other players) or weaken teams more for someone else to finish off. Every bit counts :grin:

If your alliance uses line or discord to coordinate attacks at all be sure to take part in the discussion. You can learn a lot about strategy for war there too.


Welcome to the forum!! You’ll find a lot of useful info here. :slight_smile:

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Just go for it and don’t sweat the first few if you don’t do well. It takes time to build 6 war teams and it takes time to organize your “alliance” to fight wars. Don’t let your mates get discouraged ( stay positive and encourage them)…a lot of people eventually find it one of the beat aspects of the game! Good luck

Can you explain significance of same colour Tanks in War please?

Can someone help me to understand why we should/ shouldn’t have same coloured Tanks in War, ple ase?

In theory your opponent will color stack strong against the tank. So if all of your alliance uses blue tanks your opponents will use green stacks. So hopefully they run out of green heroes. The more likely scenario have to chose between using a different color hero or a weak green hero. But since we can’t see what actually happens against our def teams it is all a guess.

To make the most out of their weaker bench heroes, attackers tend to colour stack in wars, sometimes even running mono teams. If defenders offer a rainbow selection of tanks then it is very easy to target those stacks - I’ll aim my green stack at a blue tank, my blue stack at a red tank, etc.

If defenders all use the same colour tank, then that advantage disappears - I might still aim my green stack at a blue tank, but if all the tanks are blue then I’m not going to be able to aim my blue stack at a red tank, and I’m going to have to seriously consider whether I even want to run a red stack.

The disadvantage of running the same colour tanks as defenders is that inevitably some players will not be running their best tanks. If I am blessed with Guin, for example, and my alliance chooses to run blue tanks then I might be forced to use Magni. Some players get tetchy about this,


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