New hero and possible event idea

So I was joking around about one of the Titans and had a great idea my alliance told me that I should bring it up to you, small Giant and Empires and puzzles, we were thinking a great idea for a Hero would be Medusa obviously a special move along the lines of when her Mana is full her Target gets Frozen for three turns or more that includes Mana and attacking. Not to mention with your artist I’m sure you could come up with a fantastic looking Medusa she would fit right in this game and going further than that you could have and whole event based on mythology more Greek gods demigods and creatures like Medusa cyclops Hydra dragons like you already have as Titans but I’m sure you’ll get the point just an idea figured I would share

This sounds a lot like the “silence” special of say Cabin Boy Peters. Then there are the heroes like Hel and Proteus that stop mana generation. Although silence sounds a lot closer to what you described unless I’m missing something.

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