Master (?) - New Hero Ideas, Special Skills, Classes & Talents

Master Thread (?) - New Heroes, Special Skills, Classes & Talents

I’ve seen a heap of miscellaneous threads about new Skills & Hero ideas so I’m just going to combine a bunch of them. Feel free (mods) to remove & reclassify as needed if I missed the master…

New Heroes

Fleshed out Hero Ideas

Misc. Other Hero Ideas/ Requests

Additions to the Season 3 Norse Family

Season 4 Family Ideas OR new Events?

New Special Skills

New Class/ Colours

Misc. Other “New Hero” Related Threads

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i had a thing say i was linked, tho i can’t find my link. lol. any idea which one it is @Guvnor?

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Nope :stuck_out_tongue: I summarised some of the titles which weren’t overly helpful…

Do any of those topics look familiar to you?


None to be honest. :slight_smile: but you did an orderly search and placement, i salute you.

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@Saphirra this is your link :stuck_out_tongue: as it goes directly to your post in that topic

@Guvnor good job of getting all the topics together and sorting them out


wow. i feel so stupid right now. :slight_smile: thx @Expired for finding it

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A fun hero skill:

Giv all dispellalbe debuffs from the allies to the enemies and random allocates them on all the enemies.

(A reverse the hatter)

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If this is good thread, I want to propose new hero, without creating new discussion:

Wilhelm Tell:
4* (nature)
Appearance: Crossbower with black beard.
Mana speed: slow

Special skill: PRECISE SHOT:
Deals 350% damage. The shot misses all buffs. It mean that damage can’t be reflected or shared to any other enemy heroes. Also misses defense buffs, minions and anti-elemental shields.

We all dream of a team comprised of our favorite heroes fully trained and ready to unleash havoc to those who dare stand in our way. Whether you dream team is defensive or offensive, all heroes work the same way. That being mana and special skill that does damage or protects in some way. But what if a new type of hero existed? What if instead of effecting other heroes, a special skill effected your troops? What if your hero’s power was to change every tile on the board to their respective color? Or if they could make their respective troops level up for a few turns? Thoughts?

There’s already a hero coming in season three that effects the tiles.

There’s also a master thread I think Guvnor was trying to consolidate ideas to.

Capture 2


I believe it’d be nice to have some heroes with unique skillsets, derived from videogames such as Final Fantasy.

Bad Breath (50% each of inflicting multiple status ailments: Silence, Poison, Mana Slow, Blind and 20% Mana Cut)
Daredevil (350% atk, single target; increases when caster HP is low, up to 700% when 1 HP).

one problem with your list, it is 5* heavy. That will be a problem for the C2P to participate

New hero:

Crystal Guardian
5* Holy (Guardian)

Mana speed: Average

Attack/Def/HP: 740/740/1400

Special skill: Crystal state

For 6 turns:

  • All skills affecting attack and defense gets new value =1. (Both enemies and allies).
  • Regenerates 600 HP to all allies.
  • All allies gets +21% (units) of critical hit chance.
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I have an idea about a skill:
Mega rush (medium mana):

  • all heroes gain mega rush buff for 4 turns
  • when heroes has less than 10% HP, they gain +180% attack and dmg dealt to them is halved. (Can be stacked with any other dmg)
  • additionally, all allies can survive a lethal attack only if their HP is over 10%. setting their hp at 1.
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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Maybe it goes against the brand but all that is stopping Atlantis family from a rainbow team is a fire hero. Might I recommend Hawaiian volcanic goddess Pele. She could even be the costume for Ariel if they want to go that route

Attack: 591
Defense: 815
HP: 1554

Class: Sorcerer
Family: Atlantis
Element: Fire/Red

Mana Speed: Average

Special Skill: Volcanic Rebirth

  • All dead allies have a 15% chance to be resurrected over the next 4 turns with 66% health. The duration ends if the caster is killed.
  • All allies receive 700 health over 5 turns.
  • Dispells all buffs from all enemies
  • All allies get Mana Status Ailment Protection for 4 turns. New status ailments affecting Mana will be replaced by +24% mana for 4 turns.

Three (edited) more suggestions:

Kronos 5* (Red)


  • Makes allies specials inflict more damage where it earlier was ”minor damage
  • Deals 340% damage to the target and more damage to nearby enemies

735/685/1555 Average

Intricator 4 or 5* (Holy)

For 5 turns:

  • All heroes speed are set to very slow
  • Randomly gives one ally 40% mana every turn (of 5 turns)
  • Randomly steels 1-2 minions from enemies and gives to allies

860/800/1186 Average (obv. lower if 4*)


Soul Assassin 5* (Dark)


  • Takes 15% of remaining life from all allies and deals the sum of that to target. Damage can not be lower than 350% of her attack value.
  • Heals the caster for 30% of damage dealt.
  • If this hero is the only one left of your team she gets +25% Defense and becomes very fast

630/730/1330 Slow

Scream if you’re winning – Add Iconic Horror Stars and Halloween Monsters as Heroes

I didn’t see this one

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  • Will this thread ever get updated or what?! -

New ideas to two heroes:

Goblin Lord 5* (fire)

Speciality: Warmonger

  • Deals 300% to a random target and automaticly inflict bleeding (100% of normal damage done over 5 turns).
  • For 4 turns: All Barbarians has +20% chance to inflict bleeding (Undispellable)
  • Bleading now is increased to 100% (from 60%) of the damage done by the normal attack over 5 turns and this effect stacks with similar effects up to max 300%

567/860/1400 Average

Note: This hero makes class Barbarians quite powerful and fun to setup a team with this very class.

Poisonos Mushrom 4* (Green)

Speciallity: Toxical Spores

  • All enemies are poisoned with 280 damage over 6 turns
  • All enemies are poisoned with additional undispellable 120 damage over 6 turns.
  • Increase all poison damage for allies by 40%
  • Enemies get -20% chans for any dispel status alignmens (on their own allies)

570/680/1280 Average

Note: This buffs the poison heroes and make them more versatile/fun to play

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