New Challenge Event Approaching: Slayers of Fell Shadows! 🗡️

Get ready to face the Slayers of Fell Shadows!


2021-08-05T07:00:00Z2021-08-09T07:00:00Z :dagger::fire:

What’s New

  • A new Event Effect:

    • Rage: Each time an item or a Special Skill is used, the Rage of the enemies grows. The higher the Rage, the higher their damage. As long as Rage is full, damage dealt by Heroes and Battle Items is reduced. All enemies’ status ailments are also cleansed at the beginning of their turn
  • New Slayer Family& Heroes:

    • Legendary: Caitlín, Cathal, Rian, Saiorse, Senan
    • Epic: Aodhan, Cillian, Orla
    • Rare: Noril, Maeve
    • Slayer Heroes have a chance to receive the following stacks at the end of each turn:
      • The Hero (Rare/Epic/Legendary) recovers 5/10/10 HP each turn
      • The Hero gets +5% mana generation
    • Slayer Heroes receive bonuses when used in the Slayers of Fell Shadows Event:
      • Stat Bonus
      • Bypass Element Shields

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