New best level for a fire chest found? (Flags and time wise)

I just got a red chest, and was quite annoyed, as I use my tickets as I get them, and one has to farm province 20 in season 1 for the red chest, which is time consuming.

I’ve decided that I can’t be bothered at all farming province 20, and searched for something slower in terms of monsters per flag, but faster in terms of level clear.

I’ve stopped on level 2-2 in season 1, and unless I’m wrong it appears to be even better than province 20!

If I am remembering correctly, province 20 levels gabe 3 waves of 3 red monsters and a 4th stage with 2 red bosses for a grand total of 11 monsters per 6 WE.

5 runs of that gives 55 red monsters per 30 WE.

I just had 10 runs for 3 WE for the same 30 WE in total that gave 59 monsters!

It seems that level 2-2 gives between 5 and 7 red monsters per run, but in the end slightly more than province 20 on average.

Even if I have a mistake somewhere, 2-2 seems like a viable option for red chest farming if you look for a speed farm.

(Rewards in terms of exp and recruits (20 for 30 we) are laughable though, but it seems it gives decent amounts of Backpacks (8 per 30 we))


Been using S2 3-4 since it came out for my red chests.


What does it average in terms of monsters per flag?

I just spent 66 WE on 2-2 and I had 2.23 monsters per flag (147 monsters per 66 we). If you don’t have auto run, 2-2 is for sure faster though, if you can settle down with less recruits and fewer items. Definitely the best level for new players.

If red monsters is your only criteria, try s1 4-1. I just killed 3 red + 1 purple then 3 ted then 3 red then 2 red bosses.

The purple and red mobsters may move about, but 11 red first go was impressive.

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Thanks! I was thinking about trying it, but settled with that one. Will definitely try it next time :slight_smile:

I had the same issue with my fire chest also after some research the best one to fill it is s1 2-2 a average 10 red monsters

Season 2-3-8 is the best I’ve found

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I just ran through all the suggestions. This one S2 3-4 delivers the most reds.


I just got a red chest and found this thread. I tried S2 3-4 and got 11 red monsters, or 1.8 per flag. A small sample, but I felt it was on the higher side of what you could expect there as colors will vary.

I then tried S1 2-2 and got 8 red monsters, or 2.66 per energy. I decided to go with 2-2 and ended up with 75 red monsters for 33 WE, or 2.27 per flag.

IMHO, S1 2-2 is the best if you want to fill your fire chest ASAP and with minimum flag investment, 66.08 flags if that average is maintained.

S2 3-4 will obviously give you more and better loot, but take longer and 83.33 WE flags to fill your chest (based on my admittedly tiny sample above).


Season 1 province 11 stage 6 is the best for fire monsters. 11 to 13 numbers for 1150+XP and 4 energy flags


True unless you are speaking about right this moment, during Pirates event. Rare Stage 3 gives 8 reds per WE.

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Unfortunately you are wrong - S1 4-1 is the best level.
60 World Energy and you are done.
For S1 11-6 you will need 72 World Energy.
Info from Barry Farmz Here excel file.
And used it today - can approve it.


I would also note that while it isn’t in my sheet, many of the common quests have all red enemies and are probably best for fire chests, especially the first two rounds. Of course you then have to go elsewhere to finish, but they give you a great start. (There is probably a reference for the monsters in those quests somewhere; search is your friend)

There are some Season 3 levels that are similar to second choice levels in S1 and S2; you can find those in my sheet too.


There are two, off the top of my head:


Lol @zephyr1, I thought of you but didn’t tag you as I figured I could let people who cared search for themselves. You are obviously too fast for me!


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