NEW! 2 spots in Asgard Triumphs just opened! 2400 cups & sense of humor required! 10/11/12* titans, line preferred! Training alliance Loki’s Lair has 1 spot open, no trophy req

Asgard Triumphs is currently looking for dedicated players with 2400 or more trophies to complete our team. We are a very active and friendly English speaking alliance with lots of experienced members to help you grow your team! Currently taking down 10-12* titans and top 200 alliance looking to push into the top 100 with your help! We are also very active on LINE sharing tips and tricks to help you improve your standings. All we ask is be active, use all war flags and have fun! Training alliance Loki’s Lair is also open for those less than 2400 trophies!

Only 4 spots left! Come join us now!

Down to only 3! Currently taking down a 9* Titan!

Only 1 spot left! Taking down 9/10* titans and just defeated our war opponent! #winning

Brand new training alliance! Come check out Loki’s Lair! When you are strong enough we’ll move you into Asgard to battle 9 and 10* titans! Come let us help you grow! Line id: princessbuttercup123

2 spots just opened in Asgard! Get in while you can!

Update…our training alliance Loki’s Lair has 3 spots open too! No trophy requirements! Grow and when strong enough move over to Asgard yo slay 10* titans and get better loot!

2 spots open in Asgard and 1 in Loki’s Lair as of 1/6/19! Come help us reach top 100!

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