ASGARD TRIUMPHS! RECRUITING! Fighting 11/12* Titans! Check us out! You won’t regret it! ;-)


:crossed_swords: Asgard Triumphs :crossed_swords:
• Fun active alliance
• Experienced players willing to help others
• Info sharing using Line app
• Great teamwork and strategy for 11/12 *titans and war
• 2500 Trophies
• 1 spot available!
Check us out!!! Line: Chestnut009

Hi there, I’m on the look out for a new alliance with active members. I’m keen to know more about your alliance if that’s okay?

@Kira981112 Sure np! You can add me on line! Id name chestnut009 feel free to send me a message there ^^

@Chestnut thanks, I’ve just dropped you a message on LINE