Na Fianna Nua - 28/30 - 2000+ cups, 11-12* Titans

Na Fianna Nua (Means New Warriors) Looking to fill a few spots. We are a very loyal, active, friendly alliance. With 26 experienced, serious, veteran players more then happy to help in anyway we can. Come grow with us. 2000+ Trophies. 11-12* titans, War optional but if opt in use all 6 flags.
Discord Server available.

We are currently using green tanks but do switch every so often

We don’t require discord, but it’s there for those that want to get more involved, I am always active on there, for those that need a reminder for using war attacks, hitting titans. Life can be crazy we understand if you loose track of time and can provide a friendly reminder. For tips & tricks on challenge events, ninja tower etc. And even just for people that want to socialize more we have a room for sharing music and for sharing your pets :slight_smile:

Our main requirements are:

Please hit the titans as much as possible but we understand if you miss one every so often

Please use all attacks in war if you opted in! Without valid excuse members can/will be kicked and Elders demoted.

We’re free of drama, and we’re here to enjoy the game

Yes try us out . We’re a decent bunch who like to win and do well together. Our chat can be good for a laugh as well.

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Still spots open, come check us out! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Currently 27/30 come check us out :smiley:

Great to see new members. Looking forward to three more.

Look at these lvls and this score, we just keep moving on up! Come join us on the road to the top!

Come in and check us out, we are 27 strong and still in need of 3 more active players.

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War didn’t go how you want? Loose because of inactive people not using their flags?! Well come check us out instead! We need 3 more people to complete our active family :slight_smile: <3

We unfortunately had a long term member leave us today to focus more so on school :frowning: we will miss him very much but that just adds another spot for someone new to join our family and grow with us! Please come check us out!

If this war isn’t going/doesn’t go how you want, consider a change and check us out!

Want to see

THIS more often?

With Scores like


17 people over 200 points 6 over 300! Come check us out today!

Additional note! If you are interested but under the cup requirement please still contact us! We can work something out :slight_smile:

Still 26/30, please come join us :slight_smile:

Another war won!!

If you’re sick of people not using their flags, or just sick of losing, come check us out!!

We had 3 awesome people join us yesterday, but we still need one more! Come complete our family :slight_smile:

Come in and check out our alliance. We are in need of one more warrior. Let’s take down those titans and win wars.

We are in need of one more warrior! come check us out :slight_smile:

Some people just don’t work out so were in need of 2 more awesome warriors, come check us out :smiley:

War didn’t go how you wanted? Sick of inactive, unmotivated players holding you back? Come check us out instead!

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