🍻 Myztero – 5* Purple/Dark -- "Secret" Tavern of Legends Hero

Still waiting for a Myz buff like… zzz

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I just tried him out at 480 with GM, PiB, Mitsuko, and Garnett at 370 in war with a little less than 4200. He works awesome with Garnett and will work great with other heroes that block receiving status effect. Not so much Mitsuko. The heroes I think he’ll be lethal with are Francine and either Vanda, Grazul Poseidon, JF, and Garnett

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It’s all about how you build around. If you have Francine I recommend her with a good healer.

Just jumping in here to say a member of my alliance now has two of this hero… :thinking::man_shrugging:

2 on a team would be deadly. Only need opponent to do one water/fire DOT attack. Both Myzteros will memorise. Fire one straight away, fire the next one 2-3 turns later - no more opponent.

I have never once fought a Myztero.

For me he’s so passive and reactionary. I prefer to be in control…

To me this is the perfect example of control. Much like with Lady Loki.

You get your Myztero ready, holding the special if required. Get your cleanser or healer ready to fix the damage that will be done. Selectively dump tiles into the heroes you want to attack you, getting 2 or more to fire simultaneously can be tricky but very satisfying. Fire Myztero, then work on repeating the above steps.

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I maxed Myztero and gave him 20 emblems. No regrets. Offensively, the funnest hero I have. I even stay above 2500 trophies with him on defense.


Which emblem path did you take @JDerek?


I went defense route. Even when he evades dmg he still memorizes it.

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Я идиотка
Я много пил вчера, сегодня тоже, и не балканский Sobranie сегодня.
Сначала думал об Алексе, но потом переключил Моргану на леди Локк и у него не повезло.

Chanel n.5 soon (dont follow)

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Just out of curiosity - is it possible to pull current hotm and Myztero in one pull, or do they exclude each other?

This is above average for Myztero.

He sits charged for only 3 rounds. Fires on the fourth and sends Miasma Mace to 3 enemies.

I find him sitting charged longer usually. Often dying before memorizing anything at all.

I really wish he would have gotten hit with Devourer of Vitality. Would love to have seen that!
But this is a flaw with Myztero.

His innate ability sounds cool. Until you watch enemies not target him.
The more common Lord Loki, is much better since he takes the RNG factor out

Well… let’s watch that 1 out of 20 video next shall we?


Can we have Myztero memorize damage also?

Have him send 50% of it? This way if your in a jam, he will do just slightly more than farting at his enemies


I just got Myztero And I am really disappointed sitting there pulling for days not getting any five stars just threes and maybe one or two fours out of almost 30 and I think everyone Can agree for being so special and hard to get there is nothing special about him really lady Loki is better. At least she uses all of the other buffs that hit the team. There should be some thing added to him big time just to make him special. That would be super super awesome worth the money I dropped for him lol.

SG does not care about this hero at all and to what all of us think about it…

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I"m really not seeing a reason why they should care about him. He is a good hero as-is

So I have assembled an E&P dream team consisting of Noor, Zocc, C Rig, Lady Loki. Led by Myztero at 3/59. As suspected… he is awesome!!!

Here are I think 5(?) raids with this team

Initial thoughts:

  • Yes, he is very flimsy. But, he is 3/59…
  • The damage portion of his skill is negligible
  • Charges at 6 tiles - how can you gues keep arguing that is not an advantage???
  • Works very well with Lady Loki and C Rigard. Those 3 provide a lot of flexibility. Even if one dies the others are a great contingency plan (and yes, Myztero is the most likely to die)
  • How has nobody talked about using him against Tel? 6 early tiles allows him to throw Tel’s special back at her - greatly reducing her teammates mana charge rate and allowing your other team members to get their specials ready. That 24% reduction is huge. If that isn’t a significant advantage to having him at very fast… well I don’t know what is
  • Lady Loki and C Rig allow him to soak up multiple specials - firing 4 at once is a thing of beauty, especially when he immediately gets sniped… and survives because the sniper missed
  • There are still plenty enough teams out there that are prime candidates for his/Lady Loki’s counter
  • I can’t wait to get him maxed and see what my team can do. I wish I had fewer rogues so that I could emblem him… perhaps I will end up stripping Musashi (for the second time, poor bugger). Or should I just strip Frigg of her 19 emblems? I use her a lot less in raiding…
  • He along with Lady Loki give me a very effective 2nd close to rainbow team, so yay! Can I split them? Not sure at this stage. Will work on a third team spearheaded by Grimble…
  • Seriously what have you guys been complaining about all this time? But maybe it is just a roster issue. Perhaps it is because you don’t have Lady Loki… or C Rig… or Zocc… or Nooooooooor
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Well… :point_up_2:for the spam…

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Ugh… will I have to spam my reply to your reply?

I don’t mind our sparring matches.
But it maybe better to not spam at all?

Your points are exasperated. Exaggerated. And still limited.

Maybe next time, don’t reroll so much.

So everyone can see how good Myztero is when not vs. slow S1’s. Even with their costumes

You were skipping one of the possible arguments to leave Myztero be, imo.

I haven’t been able to consistently navigate that with Myztero yet. Maybe your dream team is the secret combination?


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