🍻 Myztero – 5* Purple/Dark -- "Secret" Tavern of Legends Hero

Got myztero few months ago, read all that negative feedback and kinda forget him. But last event gave me snow white and now I’m seriously thinking combining these 2 heroes. What u guys think would there be a good synergy.

Agreed. I would be happy if his stats changed a bit and his speed, for him to memorize nearby allies or something. Or have a cleanse.

Can you imagine putting a viable Myz next to a hero like QoH or BK? That would actually be fun.

I got this pull a while ago but I figured time for an update…I now have 3 Myztero…really rare hero huh…mkay. I think it would be awesome if when you get 2-3 you could combine them into some kind of mecha…Shiva-esc hero. You know…three faces…multiple arms etc. I bet that hero’s Ult would be badass. :smiley:

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If you’re looking for more discussion along these lines…

It’s timing sensitive because their speeds are of polar opposites. But I can see the synergy of myz adding in extra status onto the field for snow white to abuse

I think it would be even better to fire myztero few turns earlier and then wipe the board with snow white.

It’s a great synergy but many variables (different colours/ mana speed) makes this combo quite easy to miss timing. But if they both connect, it hits like a freight train. Hard to time on Def but quite powerful on offence if the board is in your favour. Makes me want to get a snow white now

You are correct Myztero will memorize the ailment even if hes protected from Grazul. I love using this combo.

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Wish he didn’t just memorize status ailments but also negative effects. If he can memorize dispell too he might be useable

I thought he memorized special skills. My bad. Now I want him less.

Lord Loki he is not. Both the Lokis laugh at what he’s doing

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He is just as powerful as Lady Loki, with some key differences (which don’t make him any less powerful)

Speed: Myztero has a huge advantage here with Lady Loki being average

Cleanse: Lady Loki has a huge advantage here as she cleanses as part of her special, helping her and the team’s survivability

Number of ailments sent back: Lady Loki sends back any ailments that affect the team, but on a 1:1 basis. Myztero sends back any ailments that affect him, but all enemies get those. So I’d say this is more or less a tie as situationally they will throw back fewer or greater ailments than each other

Special hit strength: Lady Loki’s hit gets stronger the more ailments you send back, and situationally this is of benefit as you can sometimes kill off weak enemies. But the main benefit is the dots and ailments so I’d give Lady Loki a slim advantage here

Special skill duration: myzterio has a big advantage here as all ailments have full duration. With lady loki it is dependent on how long she holds each ailment

Stats: Lady Loki has better defensive stats so I would give her the edge here as these heroes need to survive

Class: Both classes are good (fighter vs rogue), but as Myzero can dodge and still memorise that gives him an edge here

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Want him less because he is hard to get. Don’t want him less because he is not good, because he definitely is good, as good as Lady Loki, who is awesomeness

How does he do with the updated rarity titanium shield wording?


  • Is much faster
  • Throws back ailments to ALL (if GM hits your team Lady Loki she throws back to 2 or 3, Myztero to all 5, if hit)
  • Always throws back all ailments for full duration (Lady Loki will often throw back ailments for partial duration in an effort to catch as many ailments as possible)
  • Can be used with C Rig’s attack boost up (Cleansing Lady Loki renders her special almost useless). C Rig should always be paired with Myztero.

Now I am not putting Lady Loki down, she is the favourite hero in my roster. But she is not better than Myztero who if used properly can be just as devastating, and in fact even more so in some situations

By the way, blind currently affects Lady Loki’s skill in a very unfavourable way. I am not sure if this is intended or not, but as it stands it gets cleansed eventually, but it will impact her ability in sending ailments to the opponent before it is finally cleansed.

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Myztero really doesn’t need to be that fast. Since he already memorizes ailments beforehand. I may argue that lady needs to be faster.
The key word here is ‘if’. The one problem I have with myztero is that his abilities work, IF he gets hit. A hero that inflicts ailments to one target, has a 20% chance of hitting myztero. There will always be the chance of GM never hitting Myz. And for a hero that relies on getting hit for his niche to work, he cannot afford to get misses from the enemy attacks. If the enemy misses him because of AI stupidity, he has failed as a support hero. Lady doesn’t have this disadvantage, the only thing Myz has the advantage over lady is his ability to copy undispellable ailments and use them to his dvantage
True, Myz gives back the entire ailment duration while lady doesn’t, but lady indirectly cleanses a bulk of ailments as a trade-off. I don’t have lady so I don’t know if all the ailments get reflected back even if she missed the initial damage due to blind

Myz is not designed to counter ailment snipers, unless very lucky. Even Lady Loki doesn’t get much out of them. AOE and, to a lesser extent, hit 3s are the real targets of these two.

With Vel, Kunchen, JF, Costume Viv etc Myz will be better than Lady Loki
With GM/Richard/Clarissa/Athena etc its 50/50 (Myz has a chance of not getting hit, but if hit he sends to 5 instead of 2 or 3)
With Drake Myz wins hands down as he can be cleansed before throwing back the blind whereas LL will (at least to date) always be impacted by it

I don’t take Lady Loki into a raid unless either Vel is on the defense (10 ailments total) or there are at least 2 * 3 ailment dealers. Otherwise, she is pretty useless. It will be a very similar story for Myz

Thank you! Joined that discussion too.

Interested to see if anyone that has him feels like it is a good hero to max out. I have Vanda which could team up nice and also. Debating between Myzterio, Domitia, Zulag, and Khiona.

I like Khiona out of the 4. Key factor for me being that her attack boost pairs well with Miki or Tarlak for titans as well as purple stacks for raids/wars.

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