Mythic Titan Loot -- Identical Loot for a Specific Loot Bracket [Staff Response in Post #32 and 63]

Appreciate your response. Thank you.

While I understand your approach of the loot being legit, though the bug made it same for the tiers and despite most here complaining about the lack of 4* mats, I would like to draw your attention to another aspect:

It appears that the top tiers ALL got Scrolls of Alteration while all 5% tiers got Time Freeze.

That does worry me more, as it affects the next event.
With those scrolls, the top (all of them) will be so much better equipped for scoring high again than the 5% guys who would like to improve.

Thanks for considering in your discussion


Still waiting on the post mortem; it’s been more than a week.

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I probably should have been more clear in my original post. When I said we’ll have a post mortem, I meant that we will discuss internally what went wrong, and how we can prevent a similar mistake in the future. However, I can give you a brief summary:

  • The biggest challenge with the Mythic Titans event was that the issues we encountered were difficult to detect in the QA and Beta. For example, for one of the issues to appear, you had to have millions of players attacking the Titan.
  • This specific problem would have been slightly easier to detect in QA: In addition to testing the reward tiers in general, they would have had to have two players who got the same tier and then specifically compare the loots for that tier.
  • This was not easy to notice in Beta either, because the beta players don’t see each others’ rewards. One option is that we’d always run some analysis on the Beta to e.g. confirm rewards distribution.
  • The root cause for the bug was our internal API used by the rewarding logic. It had a default value for (an unspecified) random seed, assuming the caller would pass the seed explicitly if the value was needed.
  • We will change the API so the caller is forced to always make the decision whether a random value is needed or not, which should help prevent similar problems in the future

I got the same awards you mentioned above for top 1% on a smurf account.
The funny thing is that smurf account actually attacked the titan only once and inflicted 96 damage - then escaped.
After all it’s a Stronghold level 8 account - heroes en par with that - underleveled 3* and all.
Did that so that I could get the last place prize - some emblems and minor stuff.
However I got max awards.
Anyone else with the same issue?
I don’t even know how it happened.
Smurf account is in my own main account alliance, so it couldn’t be because of alliance top score.

Must have been a rather easy decision to leave rewarded loot as is given that this way apparently NO 4* ascension mats were given out on this Mythic Titan (in other words saving you around 1.200 4* mats just for the two Top1% brackets). Wonder what would have happened if the non-randomized loot had contained a 4* mat or two. Lucky you I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The contents of the loot did not affect the decision at all.


All good, I believe that (really). Just poking a bit of fun.

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Bug in favour of players: “HOW DARE YOU”
Bug in favour of Small Giant: “Oh, sucks to be you”

Thank you @mhalttu for not addressing my concerns one iota in your post, despite 18 likes to it. Standard levels of customer service are prevalent in 2021, I see.

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Thank you for the summary.

Which issue was this? The one where people not hitting it nearly at all got top 1%?

And because rewards don’t matter in beta, so I doubt as many posted about them.

Hard nut to crack.

I do believe this… however, from a player perspective, you come down hard (rightfully) on players that abuse bugs (although I favored even harder on the event abusers), but when there’s a bug that affects players negatively, we get paltry compensation (if any).

I can point at December AR and this as specific, recent examples.

For this, I wasn’t in a reward tier for 4* materials, so it doesn’t really affect me, but it certainly does others.

And, frankly, the bigger the mistake, the bigger the mea culpa should be. I don’t think this rises to the level of giving out a free 4 star material… but an extra rare quest would be appreciated (and has been done before).

In any case, I do greatly appreciate the response on this and other issues.

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