Mythic Titan Loot -- Identical Loot for a Specific Loot Bracket [Staff Response in Post #32 and 63]

Edit: initially thought it was just limited to within an alliance but it’s everyone everywhere inside a specific loot bracket got the same loot.

So everyone in Top 1% of individual total got the same loot; everyone in Top 5% of individual high got the same loot etc…

Ok so it is POSSIBLE that we received identical loot but the odds are astronomically small for 2 of us to get identical loot… But there are at least 3 of us now who’ve gotten identical loot from the Mythic Titan.


Alliance member # 1:

Alliance member # 2:

All three of us got Top 1% in individual high score and Top 1% in individual total score. Obviously are in the same alliance which got Top 100.

Not really an issue as the loot is still loot; just weird and hinky.


We have the same in our alliance
My loot:
the ones from an alliance mate:


Apparently it’s happening fairly widespread too; there are a bunch of reports of it in game in Peer Support (probably others too).

Yes same loot here too

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All top 1 percent got the same loot from what ive seen

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Apparently it’s not just limited to identical loot within an alliance, it’s everyone in a given bracket.

So everyone in Top 1% individual high got the same, everyone in Top 5% individual total got the same loot etc…

Proof; neither of these people are in my alliance. Both got Top 1, Top 1 & Top 100 loot.

Didn’t the rewards tiers say “example”? I thought our rewards would be random, not all of the loot given?

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it makes sense, rare materials aren’t that many and we get 6 rolls so it will look the same 3 items for all top 1%.

nevermind: you are also referring to emblems and AM

Not the same, your emblems are different

In my posts, I’ve only shown Top 1%, Top 1% and Top 100.

The emblems are in different orders but they’re identical.

Haha, funny. I got the same loot as posted here as well.

But you know, it’s totally possible. RNG working its wonders :smiley: Like when you do 10 pull on Valhalla and get 10 Alfrikes + 10 HotMs.


Same in our clan 5 people got identical loot

I was never good at the shell game :man_shrugging:

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So that 2% chance to get a 4* mat was a game-wide all-or-none? :thinking:


If one of those rolls had come up as a 4* mat for everyone, how fast do you think they would have reverted it and stripped everyone of the mat? :rofl:


Well i got similar but different loot.

Likely just different in one or two tiers.

Same loot here…

Thanks for bringing the problem up.

I did notice an alliance mate got 13 scrolls of alteration just like me, but didn’t pay more attention than that :joy:

Same thing in my alliance. Those who finished in the same tiers, got exactly the same loot.

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