Mystic Vision - random or?

Can anyone tell me if it has been researched whether or not the MV is linked to the level of your account? I see this topic and don’t recall ever getting anywhere near this kind of loot in ~2 months of playing while some people are getting really good rewards every few days. I also noticed that the loot on my alt at lvl 20 is significantly worse than what I generally get on my lvl 30 main account or at least it seems that way.

I get the feeling that the higher your level the better the rewards are. Just wondering if there is any data on the odds of pulling which items and how they are determined. I want to believe :smiley:

Sweet. I’m playing almost a year now.I just had 2 times mystic rings and may be once a compass and gloves…may be. 99% of the time I am getting low stuff like everyone else.I guess this was the loot of my lifetime which I might never ever get again.


Dunno if the level is related to MV but when I was tracking my MV, I did get 4x 4mats and 12 x 3 mats in 7 months.
I did get a 2 months period getting no mats and did get a 4* mats at the very beginning of my play, level 10 or something like that. Didn’t know at the time, it will be hard to have 4* mats lol
So for me, it’s just Rng at work and you’ll get something worth it sooner or later.
Just don’t count on it and take it as a big bonus is my advice :wink:

This is kind of what I expected. Just wondering if there was any correlation and if anyone had dug in to the statitsics to find out.

Don’t forget that people will mostly only post really good stuff on here. For every post in this thread, there are thousands and thousands MVs with the regular outcome like 1 axe, 1 diamond and 1 emblem. But only few people would take a screenshot of that and post it here I figure :wink:

I can honestly say, i get very sucky things on my MV so i dont even bother, its not worth taking a pic of!


Hi, you must remember that the topic of this post suggests that you always post the good results so that players are motivated enough to run MV every day even with bad loots. The point is that there are more than a million EnP players per day and only a small percent gets good results and those are the ones who will post. The same goes with hero pull threads. The secret is to never compare yourself with anybody. If you track one individual poster, you will see that they don’t get it that often. RNG usually happens in streaks, so there will come a time when you might get a few goodies back to back and then nothing for many weeks. Just be patient and keep grinding, if you don’t have expectations there will be no disappointment, trust me when I say this. Anyway, happy gaming. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Now that the post has been shifted to another topic the first few linens are no longer relevant, but the rest of it is pretty much what I personally follow. :slight_smile:


If you scroll up I got some mystic rings I’m level 29 and soo did other people posted rings too! They are much higher 40+ levels so it don’t really matter your level o guess! Just your luck!

Back to the topic!


The title of the thread is “Don’t Stop Believing”. JS
Edit: well now it’s different. The post is valid haha


My luck is the complete opposite on my profiles. My main is okay, while my alt is getting all the good stuff. Like all the stinking healers and tanks that I am in dire need of on my main.

This was on my alt not too long ago.

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I think pure random.

But I suspect that vip players or those who spends get lightly better rewards.

Im playing almoust a year n dnt have luck with mystic vision at all.

For me, Mystic Vision RNG comes and goes. I’m lvl 48, been playing since April 2017, and some days I get ascension materials, some days I get 1 gem and 1 mana potion.

It is what it is. :wink:


I got tomes, rings, and scopes a while ago and I’m still only level 27.

Even “random” will have some discernible patterns at times, so I personally wouldn’t read into it. Our perception of odds can be extremely misleading

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Talking for myself only, i usually get somewhat decent loot.
Every 3th full moon.:grin:
Wolf9 having fun.


I’ve gotten two tabards and a farsight telescope in 18 months of playing from MV. They were separated by many months. Occasionally I get an ETT.

I think I have MV loot figured out…

  • If I get an advertisement for food, I pull a common summon token (food)
  • If I get an advertisement for a sports car, I pull a trainer hero (fast leveling)
  • If I get an advertisement for a casino game, my loot is crap (RNG)
  • If I get an advertisement for a product normally directed towards female consumers, it’s the game’s way of telling me I need to buy something for my girlfriend

Joking aside, I actually got better loot from mystic visions when I was a newer player. Nowadays, not so much. But that could just be chalked up to randomness. :man_shrugging:


This isnt even meant to be funny…my MV gives me better loot than my titan chests (& the last 2 war chests). Loot has been crazy not good for me, for the last 3 months. I get excited when time to collect MV bcuz my loot is way better! Yes, RNG, but it still seems evenly dispersed, for me. I guess I’d need to keep a spreadsheet to track the total accuracy

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I don’t doubt it. While most of my MVs lately haven’t given me anything great, neither have most of my other chests. I have on multiple occasions pulled unfarmable AMs, trainer heroes (even 3* trainer heroes), ETTs and even EHTs from Mystic Visions. Even though I haven’t gotten anything great from them lately, they’re still giving me about the same loot that I get from chests (that both take longer to fill and also have longer wait times between respawns).

Dont stop believing…just pulled!


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