Missing gems?

I logged in this morning to find I’m missing somewhere in the area of ~2500 gems. I don’t see any new heroes in my roster or any new troops. I can’t figure out where these gems went.

Help? I’d really like to have those gems back, obviously!

Does your Recent Activity Log show anything that might indicate what happened?

You can find it under Options > Support > Recent Activity.


Also, is there any chance that you acquired these ~2500 gems through some means other than an in-game purchase? SGG’s system removes black-market gems from people’s accounts, sometimes resulting in big negative gem balances.


Worth noting too is that they may remove gems if there’s been a chargeback as well.

No, they were the last loot ticket package, and the Atlantis gem packages, paid straight from my bank account.

Not seeing any charge backs or anything in my activity log that looks likely.

Now I am seeing something weird - my TC2 (backpacks) had a few days worth of recruits loaded up… but it is somehow completed. Is there any way to reverse this? I didn’t want to pay gems to speed this up - I don’t even know how it happened?

You can certainly contact customer support, but they have a policy of not reversing in-game actions. Here’s how to submit a support request:


Thank you - appreciate the help! I expect this will go nowhere, but I’m glad I figured out what happened at least. Cheers!

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Anyone else missing 1000+ gems? I’m coming to Finland if I don’t get some answers ( support ticket sent)

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