📯 Mireweave – New Season 3 Hero – 4* Ice/Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

But the Li Xiu costume is more effective than Mireweavet on defense.

There is no way I can consider Microwave a tank for a 5* team. Her defense is so low she won’t survive a first hit. Plus even if on paper she is supposed to be fast, as a hitter she behaves like a very slow mana. As for other skills, there are too many 5* heroes with better chances of survival.

150% damage to target and nearby enemies is not bad when consider she is very fast hero, but +10 attack stacking to caster only is a bit disappointing, would be better if attack stacking to caster and nearby heroes.

Mireweave’s 697 base attack and specials at 150% damage to 3. 150% !! Players would have ranted on Gravemaker’s 135% damage to 3, also at very fast mana. Yet players raved on GM. Of course, 4* heroes cant really compete over-all stat-wise to the prized legendaries. But what gives?

You need the +9 lvl 4 troop to make her charge in 6 tiles or 3 ghosted (lvl 11 blue 4 star troops do as well. If you can’t do that you should take Grimm. A very fast hero that needs 7 tiles to charge makes her useless… You just gotta have the lvl 9 or 11 4 star troop and pick mana boost on the talent grid (for lvl 9 troop) and you have a weapon over a suicide candidate…

I don’t think this is too shabby and she has the lvl 11 4 star mana troop.

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Mireweave’s biggest drawback isn’t her fault, she is a ranger and the competition for ranger emblems is INTENSE. The class is jam packed with some of the very best heroes in the game.

She is fun on titans but my alliance is at a level where her fragility even at +19 is a problem AND I’ve discovered the joys of Jott on titans and he replaces her (he turbocharges the whole team, she turbocharges herself).

Mireweave is very good within her range (4* events, 9* titans and below, platinum arena and below for raids), but she has a ceiling beyond which she cannot go and be counted upon to help you.

Mireweave is very useful for those battling hard against other 4* in PvP. Facing +20 5* she can’t take the hits so is sidelined for raids and wars.

She is a fun hero, something I find to be very important. I like her and recommend her highly for players participating at a level within her range.

I will be taking emblems away from her very soon. It saddens me, but the only venues she can work are 4* tournaments and events. In those arenas I can find substitutes in my roster without sacrificing effectiveness. The value to me of having her emblems on my 5* Rangers is simply too great.


Thanks for the thoughtful analysis. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well when you calculate it, Mireweave actually hits slightly harder than Gravemaker, which is cool.
Mireweave 692 x 1.5 = 1038
Gravemaker 727 x 1.335 = 981.45

HOWEVER - just as you said, you can’t really compare them. Gravemaker gets all this:

  • more defense
  • more health
  • hits nature heroes harder
  • 298 burn damage
  • elemental link

Mireweave’s attack can get awesome crazy high . . . IF she survives long enough. But she’s so frail that in my experience she usually doesn’t. I’d trade ten Mireweaves for one Gravemaker.

I probably might too but my Mireweave is +18. I admit that her defense is not the best making her a little squishy but for 4 star? I think she is impressive. And only needs a lvl 9 mana troop (with the extra 2% from the talent grid) to get her to charge with just 6 tiles or 3 ghosted

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You are probably mixing up numbers. It is just lvl 5 mana troop. There is no mana breakpoint at lvl 9.


Quite possibly, I lack a level 5 mana troop to compare it with mine are all higher level now. I can’t find a useful table here to check, I just remember when I got her to 7% mana plus the 2% talent grid bonus and it shaved off that annoying extrra half tile for her to charge.


I went attack route…my mireweave is +18 but with 807 attack…pair her with sapphire (also 807 attack) and it is a lot of damage coming very quickly

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Mireweave is excellent for map stages if you’re willing to play the slow game. Fully building her stack basically functions like having an extra hero’s worth of standard damage buy the time the boss rolls around. In pvp on the other hand, it is difficult to survice long enough for the stacked damage to start making a difference. I can see a real value in having 2 or more of her for an all blue team.


What path to take for mireweave?

As said above, I went with attack to

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Mines maxed emblemed. I took the atk route aswell except for 2 I believe and did the mana… kind of want to redo it but dont want to waste materials. My atk is at 777. I put a ninja troop on and because I’m still at the stage I use a couple 3stars I paired with nordri and kiril

I went with defense and the mana bonus.

On very fast, are you really sure about that? The percentage required to make Mireweave stupidly fast is 9% which shaves off half a tile off mana recharge with a level 9 mana troop with emblem bonus (potentially). Level ensures it. I have no way of checking now, my blue mana is past lvl 11.

Yes that’s right.

Lvl 5 has 7% with 2% from talents that’s enough, or 9% with lvl 11 troop and without mana bonus.
When you use a hero with 4% mananode through talents a lvl 1 troop is enough (5%+4%=9%) I use that with my Vanda.

Of course you can also use a lvl 9 troop + mana bonus, or every other troop higher than lvl 5 but it’s not required.


Thanks for educating me. :slightly_smiling_face: