📯 Mireweave – New Season 3 Hero – 4* Ice/Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Why did you decide to go defence rather than attack? I am thinking of taking her on 4-1 (Wu) blue along with Triton, Kiril and NC Grimm with a level 5 4 star mana troop (eventually swapping Grimm out for Magni). Should I also do defence to keep her alive or is the Triton buff on Kiril’s heal enough? Don’t have have Kiril’s costume yet but do have another 5 star mana troop waiting.

In my opinion, this hero is a great disappointment.

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That seems to be the consensus, yep. Unfortunately as I’ve pulled a lot of dupes :sweat_smile:

Mine still sits at 1/1 waiting waiting waiting ….
And will probably wait forever given the frequency of new stronger hero releases