📯 Mireweave – New Season 3 Hero – 4* Ice/Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

One of my most recent regrets!!! He makes Triton look indestructible; he is awful on defense also.

Mireweave is very good for long drawn out battles… those hard challenge quest stages-especially.

Combine her with WuKong (and Nordri and Grimm, if possible) and you’ll have some serious tile damage going.

Mireweave is not for those who prefer huge damages from specials.

I haven’t emblemed Mireweave. Don’t have emblems for her. I use her unemblemed… but she serves me well in the above mentioned use cases. :slight_smile:


What yr opinions about Mireweave ??? Deserve lvling or not …& Thx

Search function is your friend.

I have him since the beginning, first I thought wow.
Now is is still unlevelled on the bench.
Made a 2nd kiril instead and now I am thinking towards cSonya no.2


I want to lvl her for next challenge event , I have Grimm & Sonya c & Kiril & Boril c …max … !!

Not worthy, have her maxed and she is one of the weakest heroes of all 4*. Rather level up another Grimm or Kiril…


OMG. No one told me this was dreadful (I deserve compensation for having a pile of fun with a hero):

I pretty much see him and Valeria excel when you use them with multiple copies in the same attack team. Alone, he and Valeria are both meh. Try having 2-3 copies of him in and use them in the same attack. It might work wonders.

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She’s not very good… but I like to use her for fun! For trials I like to stack her up to 10 and see how much damage I can dish out on the boss using attack boosts and defense debuffs.

That could get to silly damage very quickly if you have some lvl 11 mana troops for each of them. Delicate but insane damage.

One is fun, maybe #2 becomes next blue project. No emblems for next one(s) so will be limited in arenas.

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Mireweave is just like Fura: looks like a lot of potential on paper, but in reality is subpar and underwhelming.


Level 16 troops, no emblems = 3654 att :face_with_monocle:

I’m sure with lvl 30 troops and fully emblemed she could reach 4k att.


Nice. I pulled Mireweave this weekend but have not leveled yet. I’ve been playing similar Attack Power games with Gullinbursti.

She is not WOW! But very fast speed (with lvl 11 mana troops) makes her useful for quick PVM, farming, filling chests and so.
Not performing well in raids, or titan attacks :man_shrugging:

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