Minor translation bug

There is a bug in the Dutch translation. The line shows up when puchasing packages like for example the “Battle chest” or the “Brawler combo”.

On the first page the English version says “Get at least 2 of the following:”
The Dutch version says “ontvang minstens 2 van het volgende:”
This is in my opinion the correct translation.

When you select what you want to buy, there is a pop-up to confirm that you want to purchase this.
The English version says “will contain at least two of these:”
The Dutch version says “bevat minstens twee keer:”
I think this is not correctly translated.

The Dutch translation roughly says “contains at least twice:” (which sounds like you get all stuff at least twice).

I think a better translation would be “bevat minstens twee van onderstaande items:”, or “bevat minstens twee van deze:”

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