Better wording needed for Brawler Package (and other similar) - English, Dutch,?

I purchased the Brawler Combo for 300 gems which guarantees at least 2 of the following: epic summon token x1, summon token x3, epic troop summon x2 and some heroes, but it only gave me the heroes and none of the tokens.

This is frustrating since it took a long time to grind up those gems and it didn’t give me what the pack guaranteed. Is this a bug? If so, I would think it needs to be fixed pretty soon.

The purchase was made at 10:15 Hawaii Pacific Time.

the whole selection is just the choices they allow you to win. u won the heroes DONE. and if u purchase again it will let u win just 2 things from the selection.

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Well it says TWO of the following. That can mean 2 heroes, a hero and a token pack, or two token packs.

Oh… it makes it sound like you will receive at least two of everything
within the pack. Not just two within the pack. The way it is worded was

Is there a way I can receive a refund? I really thought I was going to
receive at least two of each thing within the pack.

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I highly doubt it. I mean, you could try messaging the support, but I wouldn’t hold my breath there.

When you look at it, the pack costs 300 gems. Golden token alone is worth 300 gems. Silver token is 150 gems, troop token 200. Even without the heroes in your version you’d have to get 2 golden tokens, 6 silver tokens, and 2 troop tokens (two of each pack which is 1 golden, 3 silver, and 2 troop tokens per pack). That’s 1450 gems worth :slight_smile: Add to it 2 of each hero and then a chance of getting more than two of each and it’s way too good to be true.

And if something’s too good to be true, it’s more than likely not true.


C’mon small giant, this happens every day. Time to reword it

Gotcha… dang, that really sucks. Well, thank you for the insight. I’ll
have to keep that in mind next time.


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Yep, definitely needs to be reworded asap.:+1:
As-is that header/statement is definitely misleading and confusing to almost everyone until you either burn the gems and see it fir what it is or hold back by what Ellilea said, the too good to be true thing :sunglasses:

I guess all that SG has to do is replace/rearrange two words. Imho, Instead of “will contain AT LEAST two of these” they can change it to say something like “will ONLY contain ANY two of these”. And I don’t think doing that should be any difficult. Thanks :grinning:

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I always wonder how someone can understand it wrong. I’ve known what it means from the beginning. So in my opinion, it’s not a mistake made by SG, but by all those players that don’t want to understand it correctly.

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Imho once you know what that specific deal is about then reading it is not confusing anymore but for most first timers I think it will be. Here is my 2 cents
Well the general meaning of the word AT LEAST as far as I know is to indicate “not less than” or “at the minimum”. Hope there is no disagreement about that.
If agreed, then when SG displays somebody 6 items and says you will get AT LEAST TWO, then depending on who it is that is reading it, there is definitely room for one to think that he/she will get NOT LESS THAN 2 but then at a minimum 2 or even more or all 6 of the displayed items) :wink:
And as it is, generally new players would like to think it is all of the items and hence the many posts for this in the forum :slight_smile:

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“…at least…” is actually clear, but perhaps it could be clarified further.

Two 2* heroes cost 150 gems apiece (300 together). A single 3* hero will cost 300 apiece, purchased from the Epic, Elemental, or Event categories.

I looked up refunds in the FAQ for you:

I’m sorry, it’s probably not what you wanted to hear. Chin up; all heroes in the game have value eventually, be they mighty, stop-gap, or food. :wink:


I definitely agree that it could be made clearer. But thank you all for
your help. I definitely won’t be making the mistake in the future. It just
sucks since the special event was going on and I lost my chance to roll one
of the cool pirates to get the ‘combo pack’. Lesson learned certainly.

How would you want to word it? I will certainly pass on the suggestion since it affected you personally. :slight_smile:

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Of course I am talking about the first time I’ve read it, anything else would be quite strange and unfair.

Hmmm… probably ‘This pack offers a chance of these items, at minimum 2.’
That way it is more open about the fact that you are not guarunteed
everything that it displays. Or something of that nature.

I would add a word “packs” at the end. “Two of these packs”. A single hero doesn’t look like a pack, but I think it would make it clear it’s not about items anymore, but those options. Might even add small frames around the things and label them “pack 1” “pack 2” for ultimate clarity.

Because however you use word items, it will confuse players. The deal offers for instance a pack of 2 tokens and a hero. Or a pack of 3 tokens and a pack of 2 tokens. To my understanding of it, it’s not possible to acquire for instance 2 silver tokens. But you could possibly get two packs of 3. So “items” is confusing.

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I have done the same. Started looking at the more expensive packs, where you get everything displayed, and didn’t see they changed the text for the cheaper packs. Disturbing.

You make a very good point. And there is the further issue of “items” perhaps being mistranslated…

and I understand that the wording requires a refresh in other languages as well…

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There is a bug in the Dutch translation. The line shows up when puchasing packages like for example the “Battle chest” or the “Brawler combo”.

On the first page the English version says "Get at least 2 of the following:"
The Dutch version says "ontvang minstens 2 van het volgende:"
This is in my opinion the correct translation.

When you select what you want to buy, there is a pop-up to confirm that you want to purchase this.
The English version says "will contain at least two of these:"
The Dutch version says "bevat minstens twee keer:"
I think this is not correctly translated.

The Dutch translation roughly says “contains at least twice:” (which sounds like you get all stuff at least twice).

I think a better translation would be “bevat minstens twee van onderstaande items:”, or “bevat minstens twee van deze:”

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