Message ? It's this a bug?

After meany years of playing this game, this is the first time that I got this message.
Or it’s this a bug?
Or what I’m doing wrong?

I remember that a long time ago this message popped up in a beta version, what was a bug back then. However, i haven’t seen it in the live game, yet.
Obvious question that arise are, whether you use any bots/apps that auto play for you? Or do you use your account on multiple devices at the same time (don’t know if that’s possible at all) or might SG have the impression that multiple users play that account?
But as you obviously have no clue why this message popped up, you should ask SG directly for an explanation about it. As this might be detected by some algorithm, it could also be just an error… :man_shrugging:
I would appreciate if you keep us informed about this issue. :smiley:


It isn’t, two devices cannot access one account simultaneously regardless of device. It automatically kicks one.

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Thanks for this info - i would’ve expected something alike but never happen to stumble about this. :+1:

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The message itself doesn’t appear to be a bug as if it had been sent on a wide number of accounts I think we’d have seen more reports of it here.

Really your only option is to put in a support ticket in game to request further information on what they believe is happening and then provide details in your defence if they are inaccurate.


I got the same message a few days ago. I have no idea what it is, the message is in Portuguese, but for me it’s “Chinese”.

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This is an automated warning message sent by the system when they detect suspicious behaviour on your account…

Usually this is triggered by repetitive actions on a fixed timer… Note this normal farming by hand won’t trigger this usually as the time between hitting “replay” and such vary based on the duration of the match…
The usual culprits for this message are when people have been using macro’s (written in say Bluestacks or another Emulator), or Autoclicker loops…

SGG have made it clear in previous instances that the use of 3rd party apps/ equipment to play the game for you is against their TOS, and as stated in the message, can result in the suspension of your account.

If you believe that the message has been sent in error, please contact support via the in-game method:

Existing thread on “autoclickers”: Is autoclicker usage legal? - Solution - No it isn't


it was definitely a mistake, as I don’t know what that is. And contacting support is the same as not doing so. Own experience in this chapter.
Thank you for the explanation

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