Is autoclicker usage legal? - Solution - No it isn't

Hi dear developers!

Kindly ask for clarification on autoclicker usage.
E.g. for automated farming on 8-7 (Surely you know what I mean. If not - I’m ready to clarify).
Is this legal?
Will you perform any disciplinary actions to accounts who practice that?

I’m not using this myself, but I saw the video where author tells everyone that it’s absolutely OK.
While in my experience it’s treated as a cheat in each and every online game.

Thank you!

Do you mean auto-farming? It is already a feature in the game. Click the fast-forward button in the top right corner and the game will auto-play for you. :slight_smile:

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I think you should clarify. Personally, I think you are talking about a bot you program for farming, and @Aquaginera_7DD thinks it´s the auto play feature.
No need to say that the auto play feature is 100% legal, but the bot I´m pretty sure it´s not. And in other games I played that kind of things could get you banned.

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Isn’t that still the same thing basically?

What’s the difference between the auto-play feature already implemented and a programmed bot for farming? Can the bot make smarter decisions than E&P’s auto-play feature? If not, there’s no point in using a programmed bot over the already existing auto-play feature.

A bot will be able to choose province 8, then stage 7, then accept the reward, then repeat… while you are sleeping.

So, for sure, that must (or at least should) be illegal.

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I dont think that to be the issue…

The issue should be this:

Im top 10 as per cups… i f I stay online all the time Im sure not to lose cups… if not raiding… because im not being raided… so I stay top 10 longet than the other top 10 that are raided…

1- That’s not the topic of this post.
2- I think I read somewhere that all top 100 players can be attacked (even if they are online) to avoid this issue. I am not even in platinum, so not talking from personal experience!


Indeed, you can still be attacked while online if you are at the best x number of players, and I think its top 100 indeed.

Yes, I can confirm. That’s the case right now. Top 100 players can be attacked even when they’re online.

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Only revenged. Which works since they normally attack relatively active players anyways and are pretty much guaranteed to be revenged by some.


From my understanding autoclickers are banned, and they were part of the original reasoning for the revenging of the top 100 even when online.

Honestly i dont see much of an issue with it. I still set my phone down and only click every few minutes while autofarming. It wouldnt give players more flags, or shorten a players time between flags. Sure it would allow some to farm more than others, but that case already exists due to spenders buyin world energy, plus some people having more free time than others.

I’m not seeing a negative impact from an auto clicker, if I’m missing somethin, someone feel free to point it out


While it may not be game breaking, the point is that you have a program doing something you should do for yourself. Buying tickets means an economical effort (wich profits Small Giant) and sleeping less than 6 hous not to loose world energy flags means a personal effort (not too healthy). A bot is none of this.
So you have an external program playing for you and giving you an advantage (small, large, whatever). In any other game I played this was not legal so I just assumed it was illegal here too.

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" This is an important announcement regarding cheating. We want to make the game fair for everybody, and cannot tolerate any form of cheating.

Suspicious behaviour and cheating consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Any kind of usage of “bots”, “mods” or third-party software"

That’s pretty black and white.

I expect that it’s difficult to differentiate an innocent autoclicker from more insidious bot use, so a blanket ban is in force.


You would still have to wake up to active the clicker as far as i know. But I’m not expert on cheating devices.

From my understanding of how a clicker works:

A player would still have to login every 4 to 6 hours in order to active the bot and not miss out on any flags

And autofarming is simply look at phone, click, look at phone, click, etc some phones even have split screen features which allow you to still text, Line, read forum(like I’m doing now), while still autofarming

You can autofarm while working, driving, watching a movie, doing house work, just about anything with very little extra effort. So i wouldnt see a huge advantage of a clicker.

I’m sure there are advantages I’m not seeing. But not sitting through autofarm and watching it, wouldnt be considered cheating in my opinion.

Cheating would have to constitute an unfair gain or advantage

There are already apps that keep programs runnin while phone screen dims or goes off, without being clickers or even being noticed by the game. My phone actually goes black while autofarm is running without any kind of apps or modifications. Actually annoys me at times.

But if devs say clickers are banned, clickers are banned, they have their reasons, and we should just respect it and let it rest

First, i’m not a tech pro either, but i assume something like that allow you to never stop farming, meaning more items, more rewards, more experience and so on.
Just from that i would say it is not something good for other “normal” players (and even more bad for developers)

Second, what’s so fun to make a bot play for you?
I mean, if you don’t want to farm and do always the same things i understand but… you probably pick the wrong game :joy:

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You would still have to stop farming. We dont have endless flags unless we spend gems for more.

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Honestly, I am not sure how it works since I have never used one but I assumed that you program the bot and it logs and performs an action at a certain time or condition met. So, you could program it and have it farm and click open to your monster chest and never take more than 12 hours for it to open, or program it to farm 8-7 whenever you reach your max flags stored and allways use your 144 daily flags. On my alliance every member has a job, many of us have kids, and we all have to sleep meaning that at some point you miss some of those 144 flags thus giving an unfair advantage to bot users.
So yes, they are banned, I can see a reason, and I agree with it

Oooh ok i wasnt thinking of something that complex.

I was thinking of something you activate and it clicks the “repeat” and “autoplay” buttons for you

Now it all makes sense

Where do i get one of these programs you talk about? Lol jk reallly dont need it, i sleep very little, skip chest timers, and already have the routine of doing other things while autofarming plus program wouldnt know when i want to spend gems for world energy to farm more

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I expect that it’s difficult to differentiate an innocent autoclicker from more insidious bot use, so a blanket ban is in force.

I had my post removed when discussing this same subject in the nerfing of loot tickets thread so it is not a thing that the devs like.

I did know a few people who used one and you still have to replenish WE so basically its auto battle without the need to keeping hitting replay. If you farm something like 8-7 it saves you maybe 10 minutes of not sitting staring at your phone before your WE is empty.