Merge? Possibly?

We are the grumpies there are about 7 or 8 of us that play everyday and love playing the game. We are still learning and trying to get better. We are prob only killing maybe a 5* titan right now but we wanna be better…help!?!


Do you have line?

Message me @ C2vs if you want to chat

Hi @TheNewBiff -

We have enough space for all of you at US Warriors: Barracks if that’s of interest. Currently hitting 7*-8* Titans with 19 members. Check out our recruiting page (link below) to get a feel for the group. Also available to chat on Line (User ID: sc5003) if that’s more convenient.

Hi, we are active alliance (Wadsquad), killing 9/10 titans, english speaking.

All members active, most members TP4000+ and cups 2000+,

I can take all of your members…

Relax and enjoy games with us. Real life comes before games, join our alliance with only requirement below,
At least 3 energy on Titans
All your flags in war is mandatory (if you join)

Join us…

The power hungry fools club is looking for a merge. Glenn33seconds is my line Id. We have 20 veterans of over 2 years and recently lost some. Reach out and we can discuss

@zephyr1 , The OP can confirm, but this should probably be closed.

@TheNewBiff just trying to keep the forum clean!

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Can i delete it it doesnt seem like i can


You don’t have to, just have to notify the Mods.

I tagged @zephyr1 for you!

Also @JonahTheBard @Rook @littleKAF


I closed the thread, thanks for the heads up, @Cvs!


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