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This is the best guide for events
Add to the title topic : Events Guide or All Events Guide

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I have not found ‘‘mini’’ guides for the special events, such as Farholme Pass from today. I’ve noticed that the color distribution of mobs and bosses always is the same for every level. Is there any thread in which they have listed the distribution of colors per level? If not, then here’s the distribution for Farholme Pass. It might be useful for players who are struggling to finish it.

Farholme Pass

Level 1
Mob waves: red and yellow
Boss wave: yellow boss + yellow mobs

Level 2
Mob waves: red and yellow
Boss wave: blue boss + red mobs

Level 3
Mob waves: yellow and green
Boss wave: yellow boss + yellow mobs

Level 4
Mob waves: red and green
Boss wave: blue boss + green mobs

Level 5
Mob waves: yellow and green
Boss wave: 2 yellow bosses


I think it’s in the Rare Quests reference thread. If not, that would be the best place for it.

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It is indeed.

But the information inside the spread sheet does not equal mine, by far not. Perhaps it is out dated?

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That’s possible . I don’t know when it was last updated

Update :wink:
Link new topic : 💫 Memento Rare Quests


Where can I find the actual source of this picture on this forum? Great job. It looks awesome as well!

Well …
I did it yesterday but if this example is adapted i will make a complete topic (and will write morlovia frostmarch …)

I will start topic and i will update it as soon as possible


So is this the 3rd or 4th time that we are having Guardians?

Teltoc : 5th
November 2018
July 2018
March 2018
December 2017
October 2017

Thanks! This is the 5th and the only guardian I have is falcon and I enjoy titan killing the most. :joy:


By the way… isn’t it time we had a reflect green event??

I posted a suggestion in the idea/feature requests. Maybe we get some support for that?

Suggested a new event tier, which could be fun also.

No green reflect actually but in future perhaps.
I imagine a event atlantis (the end of season 2 story). :wink:

That’d be a cool spin on the whole kit.
A green reflect atlantis-themed event. (and finally a use for that spindly little agwe!!!)

(Although I still like my “Forest/Ent” reflect green Idea.)


Would showing which items and heros can be used in each difficulty tier be a helpful addition to this thread? I’m sure some 1st time event players see this thread, thought maybe it’d be helpful. If it’s here already and i missed it then just ignore this post lol but i scrolled up and didnt see it.

It’s better like this ?
I tried to add something on each mode.


What the heck!!! First time event player and can’t get past first board. Definitely missed something in the tutorial. Lets try this again lol

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Don’t use a heroes with a color reflected. Because he will take his own damages.
Good Luck :wink:

Avalon = reflected blue = don’t use blue heroes


Thanks. Not a “gamer” but this looked interesting. Compared to some of you I’ve dobe things all wrong.

I watched Zero’s YouTube on Challenge today. I have major work to do. He was changing hero’s for like every board. I only have 5 heroes, lol. Work in progress.

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Everyone starts with 5 heroes.

It seems you are using effort and good sources to learn, you’ll get there. :blush::+1: