🌟 Memento Challenge Events

@Mariamne I’ve been working to build up a more traditional wiki over on Fandom and have incorporated your images into the relevant pages for each of the Challenge Events. I’ve made sure to credit you with each use - I hope that’s ok! These are truly an amazing resource! Thank you for taking the time to make them!

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No problem.
You could use my work.


Yes sorry just noticed and thanks, cant ever provide too much info, your work is a huge resource for much of the community and much appreciated

Lol yea tutorials on this game aren’t exactly informational.

Players will provide with waaay more information than devs ever will. Always been that way.

Anything you want to know, go to forum or Line

Add Wonderland …
Here my notes


Thanks, as always, for your hard work and dedication,@Mariamne! :sparkling_heart::gift_heart::two_hearts:


Do you have this table for rare and epic?

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Sorry i didn t any time to note all modes

You are a saint :heart:


hi hi, see thread on wonderland hero pulls but anyone cleared the different stages alridi? be good to have some guide to help noobs like us along? thanks much!
Happy Valentine’s btw.

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thanks for the excellent work :star_struck:

I moved your question to a thread that can help answer it. :slight_smile:

Just scroll up to the top, and there’s a fantastic guide that @Mariamne made.

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@zephyr1 ok sure thing, will take a look thanks!

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I use your guides often but have never taken the time to say thanks very much @Miriamm !!


Add rewards Wonderland.
I suppose next event (grimforest … ) will have emblems in rewards too.


Thanks, it was very helpful. Do you also have the HP data for other legendary challenge events?

No sorry … i will note values during next event.

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bookmark!!! thanks!!!

Hi @Mariamne
Thank you for your very insightful breakdown. I too am relatively new and found the thread here very useful.
The reflected colour thing got me at first but worked it out pretty quick .
Just a quick question as we are now in the middle of Grimm Forest do these Challenge events roll around on a annual rotation or are they random?
Sorry only been playing since late December and didn’t know what to do on the first ones then got the hang in Wonderland.
Again thank you for helping understand the finer points within the game

Challenge Events come monthly, on the second Thursday. They rotate through the cycle in order (not randomly), and then repeat.

Since there are now 5 Challenge Events, it’s a 5 month cycle.

Here’s the info on the order from the top of this thread: