🌟 Memento Challenge Events

Yes, to all above events :slight_smile:

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Hey Coppersky,

either the wiki guide or the first post of this thread has the wrong order of the events…

This thread: Pirates of Corellia, Fables of Grimforest, Gardians of Teltoc, Knights of Avalon
Wiki: Pirates of Corellia, Guardians of Teltoc, Knights of Avalon, Fables of Grimforest

Which one is correct? :thinking:

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post here is the order they go in the game the wiki is the order they were added to the game

Thanks for the clarification!

@Coppersky I’d suggest editing the wiki post then. Most of the players probably don’t care about the order of implementation. They’re looking for the order of appearance in-game.


done! Thanks for your keen eye!

Look here, man :slight_smile:


Rewards updated (minor correction)

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So it looks like they are missing just a green event…
Plus we have the Easter/spring event
Plus we have a summer event now
Probably should have a Halloween/fall and Christians/winter event at some point as well.

The annual events are a little different. They have more levels and no ranking.

Edit :
I move pictures on new topic : Memento seasonal events

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This is great!
Thanks, your work helped me a lot clearing the last event (only rare and epic:disappointed_relieved:) as I spent all my resources in the previous weeks to rise heroes that would be helpful (i.e. no purple hero).



Thank you very much. I’m very happy I could help you.

Last year we had an event “save the winter” with snowman portrait

Final Boss


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@Mariamne I could have sworn I already posted how much I love these! If I did, just letting you know again! Such a genius way to summarize so much in such a compact a very pleasing visual! - Razor


:blush: thanks you very much @Razor
I try to do the best I can to help the community



What event of the month?

Fables Grimforest and Halloween?


Monthly event is grimforest (near 11 october).
Halloween is a seasonal event like springvale or sand empire (event of ± 15 days without ranking)
We will have in october grimforest, atlantis and halloween (i suppose this order).


So…I didn’t have a chance to get Heroes from Grimforest before. Now I have more than 2600 Gems. Should I use these to do a summon with the Grimforest Event or should I wait till the Halloween Event? What do you think?

Actually it is a quite good question…in Grimforest there are some good 4* like Hansel and Gretle and Red Hood (even if I think there are better 5* to ascend). I don’t know how good the halloween heroes will be :slight_smile:

I don’t know either. I only saw some heroes from the upcoming Halloween Event via Youtube. But I don’t know if these are the real ones (and the ones I saw didn’t look that much impressive).

Sorry for my English!

Well …
I really like hansel. I use this heroes often.
Personnally i m waiting for atlantis summons and i keep my epic tokens for halloween.