Melia's buff

Melia’s buff, is it stackable with another crit or another Melia??

Nope, sadly you can’t stack same type of buffs. They overwrite, for example, Melia’s special would overwrite a second Melia’s crit.


But, I think it’s going to be a nice buff to keep up in tournaments, increased crit and the damage multiplier? So having 2 melias would be awesome?

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Melia doesn’t do much damage by herself but once she fires her special, other heroes can do a lot of damage. I usually combine her with other fast heroes like Bane, Namahage, or Gato.

If you wanna add more buffs to your team, Melia + Brienne would be a better combo than 2x Melia.


Carefull, crit buff only works with tiles ! Specials are not concerned.

So yes you can have two melia to rotate the buff and keep it on going, still it means you re reliable on tiles.

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There isn’t much synergy between two Melias, aside from high yellow tile damage.

Better imo to have 1 Melia + 4 Banes (or one Dawa thrown in there for better challenge event crowd control)